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Last updated: April 28, 2023

Opportunities for Presenters to engage audiences with questions, polls, surveys, and more are keys to successful Events. Adding these elements to Events also allows Organizers to collect data, gaining insights into their audiences for reporting. Here, Organizers have several options to create a meaningful, interactive experience for Presenters and Attendees.

Screenshot: Event Detail with 'Engage' highlighted.

A Note About Templates

When building an Event based on a Template, Files and Questions added at the Template level cannot be removed from Events built on the selected Template. Organizers can add Files and Questions to suit their individual Event. Explanatory text is included in the software:

Screenshot: Note on Event Files section. Reads: Templates enforce consistent collection and dissemination of information. Files and questions set on a template level cannot be removed from event creating using that template.

Learn more about Templates


Organizers may add files to their Events to share information such as Privacy Policies, course outlines, presentation slides, and other Event information they would like to share with Invitees and/or Registrants.

To add a File to your Event, click on the green plus icon ('+').

Screenshot: Event Files function with the green 'add' button and file availability options highlighted.

The 'Select File' window will appear. To attach a File to your Event, upload a new File and/or choose from the Files list and click 'Select.'

Screenshot: 'Select File' dialog with 'Upload Filles' and 'Select' buttons highlighted.
Once the File has been added, choose when Registrants will be able to access the selected File. Options are 'After Registration' and 'Always.'

If 'After Registration' is selected, Registrants will have access to the file once they have signed up for the Event. If 'Always' is selected, the chosen file will be accessible to anyone with the Registration Page link.

To delete the selected file, click on the red trash icon. 

Screenshot: File availability options with 'After Registration,' Always,' and trash icon highlighted.

Learn more: File Repository Management.

Unified Question Bank

With the Unified Question Bank, Organizers can use and reuse questions, polls, surveys, and other audience engagement options before, during, and after an Event. Organizers can add their own to Templates and/or Events, or choose from options already available.

Learn More: Unified Question Bank.

Registration Questions, Polls, and Surveys

Organizers can select from the Unified Question Bank for each type of Engagement tool.   

Registration Questions

Note: The 'Require Unique Email Per Registration' option helps eliminate duplicate registrations, ensuring more accurate reporting. 

To add Registration Questions to your Event, click on the green plus icon ('+')

First Name, Last Name, and Email Address are required and listed on all Events by default.

Screenshot: Registration Questions dialog with the "Require Unique Email Per Registration' radio button highlighted, as well as the green 'add' icon circled.

The Select Question dialog will appear. From the list, locate a Question you wish to add and/or create a Question, then click 'Select.' 

Screenshot: Question selection dialog, with 'New Question' and 'Select' options highlighted.

The selected Question will be added to your Event:

Screenshot: Registration Questions with newly added question highlighted.

Click the 'Required?' checkbox to make the Question mandatory (optional). Click 'Save.'


Streaming and Simulated Live Mode - Poll questions can be created ahead of time or on-the-fly and launched to Attendees during the Live Event by the Presenter, Moderator, or Organizer.

On-Demand Mode - Polls launched during a Live Event are saved and available for an On-Demand Event. Organizers can edit, delete, and/or add polls for on-demand events as well. To customize polls for On-Demand events, access the Event's build in your Portal and navigate to the Engage step. 

During an On-Demand viewing session, all polls will appear on the Polling Panel simultaneously (all at once) approximately 30 seconds into the recording's playback. Attendees can respond to the polls as if they were in the Live Event, and responses are available on Reports.

To add a Poll, click on the green plus icon ('+'). Locate your poll question from the Question List or create a new poll question. Click 'Select.' 

Screenshot: Question selection dialog, with the 'Popcorn or Candy' question highlighted.Screenshot: Question selection dialog, with the 'Popcorn or Candy' question highlighted.Screenshot: Polls area on the Engage section of the Event build.

The Poll is now added to your Question Bank and your Event.

Survey Questions

Surveys provide valuable feedback Organizers can use to refine and improve their Events. For Streaming and Simulated Live Events, the Post-Event Survey questions appear in the left panel of the Attendee Viewing Console once the stream has ended. 

To customize the wording for your Pre- and Post-Survey text, use the HTML editor provided. The text you provide in the editors shown will appear before (above) and after (below) your survey questions.

Screenshot: Custom Pre-Survey Text, Custom Post-Survey Text with database variable icon highlighted in both HTML editors.To add an Event Survey, click on the green plus icon ('+').

Screenshot: Survey Questions function with the green 'add' icon highlighted.

Add/create Questions.

Screenshot: Select Question window with the 'New Question' and 'Select' buttons highlighted.

Upon adding a survey question, enabled automated emails ("Attended Event," "Missed Event") will dynamically include a button with the survey link.

Screenshot: Thank you for attending email with the 'Take Survey' button highlighted.

Learn about enabling and customizing automated emails.

To add additional Event and/or Registrant variables to your Survey text, click on the 'FX' icon.

Screenshot: HTML editor in Communicate section with FX database variables button highlighted, and the variable selection window open.

To remove a survey link, navigate to the Communicate step, locate the email, and select 'Edit.'


Additional Resources

Registration Pages have a space for Organizers to add links to additional Event information or supporting materials. 

To add links for Additional Resources to your Registration Page, click on the green plus icon ('+').  

Screenshot: Additional Resources Dialog with green 'Plus" sign highlighted.

Enter the name of the resource you wish to add and the URL. Next, choose if you would like the resource to display on the Registration Page and/or during the Live Event.

Screenshot: Additional Resources dialog.

Organizers can add an unlimited number of links to support their Event. 

Note: The option 'Display during live event' is only available for EventBuilder Streaming Events.

Any Additional Resources links selected to display on the Registration page will be included: 

Screenshot: Sample Registration Page with Additional Resources highlighted.

Custom Info Panel Content

Screenshot: Simple HTML editor for Customer Info Panel Content.

Organizers can add custom content to be displayed on the Info Panel in the Attendee Console, including additional text, links, images, etc.
Screenshot: Info Panel on Attendee Console with Custom Content highlighted.

Attendee Sentiment

Organizers can enable Attendees to provide immediate feedback with a 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down' feature on their viewing console during the Live Event. This feature can be disabled at any time during the Live Event via the Moderator Console.

To allow Attendee Sentiment capability during the Live Event, select 'Enable Attendee Sentiment.' 

Screenshot: Enable Attendee Sentiment checkbox.

Click 'Save & Continue'

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