Building Listing Pages: Design Step

Last updated: May 9, 2023

The Design step allows Organizers to customize the display style, background image, number of events displayed, and the sort order of listed events. 

Display Type

Event display options include Table, Calendar, and Large or Small Card styles:

Screenshot: Display Type selection. Preview images of Table, Calendar, Cards (Large / Small) styles, in desktop, tablet, & mobile size views.

Select the radio button to set your preferred event Display Type. 

To view each display type on a live Listing Page: Table-style External link: table-style display example., Card-style, large External link: large card-style display example. or small External link: small card-style display example. size options, or Calendar-style.External link: calendar-style display example.

Page Customizations

Background Image

Upload a background image to display on Listing Pages. For best results, upload a seamless .jpg, .png, or looping GIF file. Note: The GIF will appear as a step-and-repeat pattern.

Screenshot: Background image field.

To add an image already in your File Repository, locate the file and click 'Select.' To add a new image, click 'Upload Files' and import the desired image. Click 'Select' to add the newly-uploaded image to your Listing Page.

Screenshot: Select File dialog with Upload File(s) and Select buttons highlighted.

Image text: File names should not contain non-ASCII characters. Files larger than 500 MB may need to be compressed to be uploaded successfully. Learn more about File Upload Requirements.

Event List Header

Add a custom header or title to appear at the top of the page:
Screenshot: Event List Header field and sample view on a Listing Page

Events Per Page

Set the number of Events displayed per page. Choose 15, 25, or 50 for table and card-style displays, 1000 for calendar-style display.

Screenshot: Events Per Page dropdown, displaying options 15, 25, 50, 1,000 (Availableon Calendar Display Only).

Default Event Sort

Sort Events on the Listing Page by Event Title, Event Date Ascending, Event Date Descending, or Custom.

Screenshot: Default Event Sort dropdown: Event Title, Event Date Ascending, Event Date Descending, Custom.

Custom Sort allows Organizers to filter and arrange Events in their preferred order.

Screenshot: Custom Sort display.

Calendar Display Options

After selecting Calendar-style display, the following options appear at the bottom of the page:

Calendar View Type - Set Week View or Month View as display default. 

Screenshot: Calendar View Type dropdown: Week View / Month View.

Calendar View Start Date - Choose a beginning date to display on page.

Screenshot: Calendar View Start Date selection dialog with calendar picker displayed.

Calendar-style Display

With Calendar-style Display, Registrants can toggle between 'Week View' and 'Month View,' as well as click on 'Return to today.' (See example External link: Calendar-style display example.)Screenshot: Side-by-side of Calendar Display options - Week View or Month View.Screenshot: Week View and Month View side-by-side and highlighted.Note: Calendar-style display type is not available for On-Demand Events.

Click 'Save & Continue.'

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