Building Listing Pages: Set Up Step

Last updated: May 9, 2023

Create Listing Pages to collate/group together similar events onto one page, accessible to Invitees via a single URL.

Get familiar with Listing and Custom Pages basics.

Screenshot: Top navigation bar, Page Detail, with the Set Up step highlighted.

Create New Listing Page

Select the Listing Page option:

Screenshot: Create Page dialog with Listing Page radio button highlighted.

Upon selection, the following dialog appears:

Screenshot: Pages Set Up Step Dialog: Custom URL, Custom Browser Title, Banner Image, Contact Name, Contact Email, Description, Tags.

Custom URL/Custom Browser Title

Enter the Custom URL for your Listing Page (required) - this appears in the browser address bar, e.g., 

Note: There is a 50 character limit in the Custom URL field. Once saved, it cannot be edited. 

Next, enter the Browser Title you wish to appear in the browser tab.

Screenshot: Custom URL & Custom Browser Title fields with example images of custom URL and Custom Browser Title.


To add a Listing Page banner, click on the 'Browse' button:

Screenshot: Banner Image field with 'Browse' button highlighted.

The 'Select File' window will appear: 

Screenshot: Select File dialog with 'Upload Files' and 'Selec t' buttons highlighted.

Image text: File names should not contain non-ASCII characters. Files larger than 500 MB may need to be compressed to be uploaded successfully. Learn more about File Upload Requirements.

To add an image already in your File Repository, locate the file and click 'Select.' To add a new image, click 'Upload Files' and import the desired image. Click 'Select' to add the newly-uploaded image to your Listing Page.

Contact Name/Contact Email

Enter the Events' contact name and email. This can be assigned to anyone you choose, including general email addresses, e.g.,

Screenshot: Contact Name and Contact Email fields.


Create a description of Events being offered through the Listing Page. Attachments can be uploaded via the text editor: 

Screenshot: Description area text editor with toolbar highlighted.

Note: The Description area is a fully customizable WYSIWYG-style editor that supports HTML, images, iFrame, and CSS stylesheet class attributes.

Adding Attachments

Organizers can attach event-related materials to their Listing Page via the Add Link function in the Description area.

Click on the link icon on the Description area toolbar:

Screenshot: Description text editor with link icon highlighted.

The following window will appear. Click on 'Link File.'

Screenshot: Link URL dialog with Link File function highlighted.

Next, the following dialog will open. Select or upload the file(s) you wish to attach:

Screenshot: Insert Link dialog.

The attachment will then appear in the description area as a linked file: 

Screenshot: Description text editor with 'Sample Attachment' link highlighted, pointing to published Listing Page, 'Sample Attachment' link highlighted.


Add Event Tag(s) to group together the Events you want to appear on the Listing Page. The following confirmation will appear if you do not select event Tags for your Listing Page:

Screenshot: Warning for 'no Tags selected.' Image text: There are no tags on this page, therefore, all events on your portal will be displayed on this Listing page.

Note: Tags must be added to each Event you wish to appear on the Listing Page. If no Tag is selected, all Events on your Portal will be displayed on the page you are creating. 

The following non-alphanumeric characters are supported for Tags: # (hashtag or pound sign) and _ (underscore). Tags cannot have spaces and are not case sensitive.

Screenshot: Tags drop down menu for creating or selecting Event tags.

Learn more about Tags

Click 'Save & Continue.'

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