Deactivating or Deleting Pages

Last updated: May 9, 2023

Deactivating or Deleting Pages

To deactivate a Listing Page that is no longer needed, select the page's corresponding Trash icon.

Screenshot: Pages listing, with one page highlighted with an arrow pointed at the trash icon.

The following will appear: 

Screenshot: Deactivate/Delete dialog, including Custom message text editor.

Image text: Deactivating a Page will remove it from your active Page list. You may customize the text displayed when your deactivated page is accessed. To reactivate the Page, click on the information icon from the Page list.

Clicking Cancel below will close this window, and no action will be taken.

Use the HTML editor provided to customize any messaging and click 'Deactivate.'

Select 'Delete' to remove the page from your Portal. 

Note: Deleting a Listing Page will not affect Events or Registrant records.