File Repository Management

Last updated: May 10, 2023

User and Guest Accounts have the option to upload files for sharing/distribution to Attendees. 

File Repository Overview

A File Repository is associated with each Admin and Organizer account to upload and store assets such as slides, videos, PDFs, and images prior to or during their live Events. Additionally, Administrators can add files to a Portal-level File Repository, available to Portal Account Users: Administrators and Organizers. Guest Presenters and Moderators can upload Event materials via the Moderator Console.

Note: Access to Portal-level files is not available to Guest Presenters and Moderators. 


Files Access Permissions Admin Org Mod Pres
Upload Files to Portal-Level Repository Check icon ban icon ban icon ban icon
Change Filename/Delete Portal-Level Files Check icon ban icon ban icon ban icon
Manage Repository Files from Left Navigation Area Check icon Check icon ban icon ban icon
Attach/Share Portal-Level Files Check icon Check icon ban icon ban icon
Change/Delete Files From Organizers' Repository Check icon Check icon ban icon ban icon
Pre-Live Event In-Build Access (Engage Step) Check icon Check icon ban icon ban icon
Console Access (Pre-Conference, Live Event) Check icon Check icon Check icon Check icon


Administrator & Organizer File Repository Access

Admins & Organizers can access their account's File Repository from the Left Navigation.

Screenshot: Left navigation with the Files option highlighted.

The User's File Repository dialog will appear. The far right corner displays 'My Files' (default view) or 'Portal Files.' 

Screenshot: Upper right corner displaying 'My File' and 'Portal Files' links.

Here, Account Users can upload, manage, search, sort, and delete files from their repository:

Screenshot: Files dialog numbered 1-4: Upload File(s) button, Search field, Filename and Created columns, trash icon.

  1. Upload File(s) Button - Opens dialog for selecting your file(s) stored locally or in a cloud drive.
  2. Search Field - Enter a partial filename to locate the file you wish to use. Results appear below the Search Field.
  3. Filename and Created columns - Click the column label to sort either alphabetically (Name) or by date (Created).
  4. Trash icon - Delete file from User's own repository.

Image Text (top): To attach a File to a specific event, please use the Upload File button on the Console.

Image Text (bottom): File names should not contain non-ASCII characters. Files larger than 500 MB may need to be compressed to be uploaded successfully.

Upload File(s)

Click on the 'Upload Files' button. Your File Manager window will open. Select the file you wish to upload and click 'open.'

Scrrenshot: Window for file selection with 'Open' button highlighted.

Once the upload is complete, a green confirmation notification will appear in the upper right, and the file will appear in your 'My Files' list.Screenshot: Green 'Uploaded' confirmation notification.

Changing File Names

From the main File Repository dialog:

Screenshot: File repository window with first file highlighted.To rename, right-click on the file. The field will turn grey and a 'save' icon will appear. Click in the grey box and change the file name, then click the 'save' icon. 

Note: Changes to filenames in the Repository will not be reflected in the Event(s) the files are already attached to. For the updated filename to appear on the Event, please delete the file, then re-upload with the new filename and reattach to the Event(s).

Deleting Files

Organizers can delete files from their individual repository, and Administrators can delete both Portal-Level files and individual files for all User Accounts. 

Navigate to the Files area from the Left Navigation. The File Management area will open to 'My Files.' Locate the file you wish to delete, and click on the 'trash' icon.

Screenshot: Upload File(s) dialog with file list trash icon highlighted.

The following confirmation dialog will appear:Screenshot: Delete file confirmation window.

Click 'Ok" to delete the file. 

Note: Deleted files cannot be recovered. 

Uploading From the Moderator Console

Presenters and Moderators can upload event-specific files in the Console during the 30 minute pre-conference or when the Event is live.

Navigate to the Files widget in the right margin of the Console and click the green plus icon:

Screenshot: Console Files widget with green plus icon highlighted.

The 'Select File' dialog will appear. Upload a new File and/or choose from the Files list. Click 'Select' to add to the Files widget and make it available to Attendees.Screenshot: Select File dialog with 'Upload File(s)' and 'Select' buttons highlighted.

Once added to the Files widget, a paperclip icon will appear on the Attendees viewing console controls. 

Screenshot: Moderator Console controls with the 'upload files' option highlighted.

Deleting Files from the Moderator Console

From the Files Widget, locate the file you wish to delete, and click the trash icon:

Screenshot: Streaming Console Files widget with the trash icon highlighted.

The following confirmation dialog will display:

Screenshot: File delete confirmation dialog. Image text: 'Are you sure you want to delete this file?' Ok/Cancel

Click 'Ok' to delete the selected file. 

Note: Selecting the trash icon in the Files widget removes the file for the specific event only. The file is retained in the Presenter or Moderator's individual File Repository.