Language Customization Areas

Last updated: May 12, 2023

EventBuilder's software supports Event customizations with non-ASCII (non-English) characters on Registration pages, System-Generated Emails, Questions/Polls, and other Attendee-facing features, when implementing, we recommend testing each area where you have customized characters prior to distributing this information to your Invitees and Registrants.

Note: Web browsers translate page text to a user's language automatically. EventBuilder's code is set to English, allowing for seamless translation based on the user's default language setting. As such, creating entire pages and events in additional languages is not supported.

Event Customization Areas:

Event Build Area Notes
Event Title  
Event Subtitle  
Presenter/Moderator Info  
Event Description  
Event Banner  
Event Files  
Registration Questions First, Last name & email are coded in ASCII (English). Additional questions can be added in non-ASCII characters
Survey/Polling Questions  
Additional Resources (labels)  
Description area  
Validation/Promo Code non-ASCII characters accepted
Allow/Deny List non-ASCII characters accepted
Email Verification non-ASCII characters accepted
Completion Certificate  
Reg page action button labels