Moderator/Presenter Event Access

Last updated: May 2, 2023

Organizers can provide live Event access to Moderators and Presenters via the Access Granted email or Outlook calendar invite. 

Learn more: Guest Account Management 

Event Access Methods

There are two methods for Presenters and Moderators to receive their access link and instructions: the Access Granted email or calendar link.

Access Granted Email Method

The Access Granted email will arrive in the Moderator or Presenter's inbox:   

EventBuilder Outlook email invitation.

Note: Moderators and Presenters should check their junk/spam folders and allowlist EventBuilder emails.

This email provides basic instructions for your Moderator or Presenter, including Event details and access instructions:

Screenshot: Presenter/Moderator Event Access email with the Title/Date/Time header displayed and the Event Log In button highlighted.

Accessing Events via Calendar Invite


The Access Granted email includes a calendar file attachment:

Outlook calendar invite file (invite.ics).

The file allows Moderators and/or Presenters to add their Event to their calendar program. Upon opening the calendar item and clicking the access link, they are directed to the EventBuilder Portal login page.

Launching EventBuilder and Accessing Event

After clicking the “Event Log In” button, the Presenter and/or Moderator will be directly taken to the EventBuilder Portal where they will have access to live Event options based on the selected Event mode. 

Classic Webinar and EventBuilder Streaming Mode:

Moderator/Presenter event options: Teams or Skype for Business, EventBuilder Console, Dashboard. Click one to access event

Note: Depending on the mode selected, different options will appear. Presenters/Moderators may need to enter more than one environment.

  • Clicking on the Microsoft Teams icon takes the Moderator or Presenter to the Teams meeting room where they can monitor, participate, and/or speak during the live Event. 
  • For classic Webinar (non-streamed) events with Recording enabled, the green icon takes the Moderator to the console where Recording Controls are located. 
  • For events configured for EventBuilder streaming, clicking on the green Console icon takes the Moderator or Presenter to the Moderator Console, where their streaming Event tools and controls are located (these will vary depending on their role).
For Teams Live Event access information, See: Teams Live Event Presenter/Producer Invitation

Simulated-Live Mode:

Screenshot: Presenter/Moderator access options for Simulated-Live mode.
For Simulated-Live events, the Presenter or Moderator will see two available options upon login: 'Open the EventBuilder Console' or 'Click here to return to Dashboard." 

Screenshot: Moderator Console view-displaying stream timing, Stream/Recording Controls and Meeting Controls.

Moderator Console View

  • Selecting the “Click here to return to your Dashboard” option takes the Moderator or Presenter to an overview of the events they are currently scheduled to attend within a selected date range.
  • Note: Presenters and/or Moderators (Guest Accounts) are automatically logged out of the Portal one hour after the actual end time of the Event for webinars, and one hour after the scheduled end time for In-Person Events.