Pre-Event Changes Cut-Offs/Deadlines

Last updated: May 5, 2023

Changes to your Event may be necessary in the days leading up to your start date and time. Following is a timeline of edits, updates, or add-ons you can make and their respective change/cut-off deadlines.

Five Days Prior to Event

To ensure Live Closed Captioning is coordinated and ready, it must be ordered a minimum of five days before Event day. 

To cancel Live Closed Captioning without incurring a cancelation fee, it must be canceled a minimum of five days before Event day. This can be accomplished via the Extras Step in your Event build. The cancel function will lock after the five-day deadline has passed.

If you need to cancel your Live Closed Captioning order within five days prior to the start of your Event, email External link: mail to: A cancelation fee will be charged for short-notice requests.

Learn more about Live Closed Captioning.

48 Hours Prior to Event 

Live Closed Captioning orders canceled within 48-hours of your Event's start will be charged the full amount for the Live Captioning service.

One Hour Before Event

Automated Closed Captioning can be ordered or canceled up until one hour prior to the start of your Event, at which time the system will lock the Automated Captioning order function. No fees will incur.

The following options, found on the Schedule Step in your Event build, will lock one hour prior to your Event start time:

  • Meeting/Event Link (Teams URL)
  • Stream/Record options
  • Event Title
  • Event Subtitle
  • Event Date/Time/Duration

Pre-Conference (30-minutes prior/live)

30-minutes before your Event begins, we recommend you and your Presenter(s) and/or Moderator(s) access the Teams room to ensure connection, coordinate details, perform an audio check, and test that screen sharing/visuals are prepped and can be seen. If you are using EventBuilder Streaming for your Event, you will also let the EventBuilder bot into the Teams room to enable streaming for your Attendees during the pre-conference time.

With EventBuilder Streaming, you will also log into your Portal, access your Moderator Console, and perform any pre-checks necessary before your Event begins.

Organizers can add additional Presenters and/or Moderators at any time prior to or after the start of their Event.