Presenting in Teams with EventBuilder

Last updated: April 27, 2023

EventBuilder is your partner in producing the best virtual events and webinars possible. We know and have seen firsthand the importance of a smooth content delivery experience for success. The following are EventBuilder's recommendations and best practices for effortless presentations on Microsoft Teams with EventBuilder.

Pre-event Recommendations

Recommendations for Live Session Preparation

  • Recommended screen resolution for your presentation: 1920 x 1080.
  • Power down gaming consoles, streaming devices, etc. to free bandwidth.
  • Close all applications not in use during your event.
  • Disable desktop notifications or set your availability status to 'Do Not Disturb.'

Recommendations for Attendee Interactivity

  • We recommend joining your event early to test audio, screen sharing, webcams, and pre-recorded content for proper functionality.
  • The best method to address questions is to read them aloud and answer them aloud.
  • Downloadable files cannot be posted directly in the Teams room.
  • Speak clearly and at an even pace to ensure comprehension and closed captioning accuracy.

Presentation Materials

  • Recommended PowerPoint/slides formatting:
    • Use a sans serif font: minimum 18 point.
    • Sharply contrasting colors.
    • Maintain margins around the edges of the slides.
    • Avoid: overlaps, gradient colors, text shadows, and dense text.
  • Slides with animations are best displayed via desktop share.
  • Please disable 'Private View' when presenting with PowerPoint Live.
  • Download slides and other media to your desktop to have available as backup.
  • When sharing video content, select 'include computer sound' to ensure attendees can hear your media.

Presenter Training and More

EventBuilder offers presenter training to give you the confidence you need for a successful presentation delivery. For more information about this and our other professional services, including event, program, and technology management, visit: EventBuilder Virtual Event Services.