Release Notes

Release Notes 2.22.20 09/30/2022

  • Modified help text and pop up notification text for clarity.
  • Certificate now link displays when a recording is 97% complete.
  • Added column 'certificate_download' to indicate Registrant downloaded event certificate (if configured).
  • Updated automated email footers
  • RSS feeds are now available for Listing Pages.

Release Notes 2.22.19 09/16/2022

  • Added dynamic help text to Request Report dialog to include types of data different reports include.
  • Dynamic popup warning for Teams Live Event links clarifying Presenter link vs. Attendee link.
  • Minor text edits and grammatical corrections
  • On-going accessibility scan and improvements
  • Backend optimizations.

Release Notes 2.22.18 09/02/2022

  • Added confirmation dialog for disabling Registration Confirmation email.
  • File Repository now filters on file type for images - .jpg, .png, .gif.
  • Added Custom Audience option for On-the-Fly emails.
  • Added 'Custom Field for Reporting' text field on Extras step.
  • Updated error messaging on test page for clarity.
  • API updates.

Release Notes 2.22.17 08/15/2022

  • Added 'Created By' and MM/DD/YY sortable columns in the Question Bank area.
  • Updated embed code for On-Demand event Registrations.
  • Teams Live Event copy presenter link confirmation pop-up added.
  • Accessibility scan and improvements.
  • Database optimizations.

Release Notes 2.22.16 08/05/2022

  • Help text updates - various.
  • Moderator Console Files widget now includes a trash icon for file deletion.
  • New Event Activity report column: Last Accessed. 
  • On-going database maintenance and accessibility improvements.

Release Notes 2.22.15 07/23/2022

  • Added dynamic widget sizing added to Moderator Console.
  • Additional text added to 'Stop Stream' pop up for clarity.
  • Modified permissions for Guest Accounts' access to the File Repository.
  • Accessibility scan and improvements.

Release Notes 2.22.14 07/08/2022

  • For reports delivered via link - the copy placed in the User's File Repository are deleted after 7 days.
  • Support for VTT files created from Teams recording w/ transcription hosted on EventBuilder added.
  • Continued refinements to redesigned Pages areas.
  • Contact Organizer link now dynamic on Pages. 

Release Notes 2.22.13 06/24/2022

  • 2FA max attempts added to prevent brute force attacks.
  • Additional help text to API - create separate key/secret for each endpoint.
  • Eliminated 2-second auto-start function delay.
  • Users can now change the video being queued in Moderator Console.
  • Private Messaging moved to the Attendee list in Console.
  • Added Pages Search Filter Settings functionality to Listing Pages Extras step.

Release Notes 2.22.12 06/10/2022

  • Default event duration added for in-person events.
  • Account Users can now fully delete registrant records from the left-nav Registrant area.
  • Listing Page area redesign; broken down into three steps: Set Up, Design, Extras.
  • Update to Terms of Service.

Release Notes 2.22.11 05/27/2022

  • Calendar display on Listing Pages now have to option to display 1000 events.
  • Date added to API Key and Secret default description.
  • Updated help text for banners to include .gif support.
  • Accessibility scan and updates.

Release Notes 2.22.10 05/13/2022

  • Dynamic text now shown on Moderator Console video controls.
  • Accessibility scan and improvements.
  • "Status" column on Event list now included (Active/Deactivated).
  • Backend optimizations.

Release Notes 2.22.09 04/29/2022

  • Added button to convert user-level question to Portal-level.
  • New Listing Page display type: Small Card style.
  • Date formatting information added to all column headers.
  • Auto-start video functionality added to Moderator Streaming Console.

Release Notes 2.22.08 04/19/2022

  • Stream and Record settings are now located above layout options on the Schedule step.
  • Date and Time fields now required for In-Person Events.
  • Custom sorts for Listing Pages no longer display in the custom sort table.
  • Limited access to Guest accounts for the Registrant area - Guests can now only mark registrants as Attended.

Release Notes 2.22.07 04/01/2022

  • When linking text, all text editors now set to 'open in a separate tab' as the default.
  • Enhancements to the Featured Events scrolll functionality.
  • Accessibility scans and addressing issues found.
  • API improvements.

Release Notes 2.22.06 03/18/2022

  • All column headers now standardized and sort functionality (by header) added.
  • Added co-branding URL redirect to Pages
  • Event duration is now visible on Pages with Calendar View display configured.
  • Additional label text option when configuring a Presenter/Moderator/Organizer: "Facilitated By."
  • Accessibility scan and improvements.

Release Notes 2.22.05 03/04/2022

  • 2-Factor Authentication now automatically adds a phone number question for Attendee verification via SMS texting.
  • Standardized look of pop-up windows.
  • Custom sort for Listing Pages is now available.
  • Updated our Privacy Notice.
  • Accessibility scan and improvements.

Release Notes 2.22.04 02/18/2022

  • Certificates now available for Attendees after viewing recorded content.
  • Contact EventBuilder information added to left hand navigation and Moderator Console controls.
  • On-going accessibility scans and updates.
  • Backend optimizations.

Release Notes 2.22.03 02/04/2022

  • Private messages sent to individual Attendees in the console now appear in both the Message Log and the Message Activity Report.
  • For undismissed in-product notifications, the yellow notification bell is now large then zooms to normal size upon login.
  • Pop-up now displays when User saves a Page without Tags, notifying them that all Events will appear on the page.

Release 2.22.02 01/21/2022

  • Larger fonts (42 pt) now available on editors.
  • Presenter/Moderator logins now require Account ID.
  • Description field for API Key & Secret accounts now required.
  • Updated the EventBuilder Privacy Notice.

Release 2.22.01 01/07/2022

  • Corrected column headers.
  • Addressed and corrected WCAG Q4 accessibility scan findings.
  • Back-end optimizations.

Release 2.21.25 12/24/2021

  • Account ID added to Presenter/Moderator/Organizer login area for Console access.
  • Security enhancements to Guest Account logins.
  • Pending messages in Console now displayed by oldest first. Moderators can toggle between oldest and newest.

Release 2.21.24 12/10/2021

  • Files can now be attached to Listing Pages.
  • Added confirmation popup to confirm message posting in the Console for Moderators.
  • Accessibility improvements.
  • Back-end optimizations.

Release 2.21.23 11/19/2021

  • Registrant Variables added to survey editor.
  • Captions re-enable automatically after Attendee browser refresh.
  • Listing Page Calendar View enhancements - user can select Monthly or Weekly View, and default start date to display.

Release 2.21.22 11/05/2021

  • Added polling functionality to on-demand recorded Events.
  • Correct display issue on Calendar View for Listing Pages.
  • Addressed and corrected WCAG Q3 accessibility scan findings.
  • Attendee Activity stats are now collected on recording views.

Release 2.21.21 10/22/2021

  • Changed name of opt-in question. Now reads, "Statement with checkbox (opt-in/opt-out)."
  • Guest emails now unique per portal.
  • Report name field now required, shown with a red asterisk.
  • Corrected two items from recent external accessibility scan.

Release 2.21.20 10/08/2021

  • Added limit to number of Recurring Report runs for data review purposes.
  • Registration Efficiencies now display on Calendar View for Listing Pages.
  • Removed two security add-ons: "Unique Join Key" and "Require Attendees to confirm email to join."
  • Added a new field to the User Activity Report (Portal-Level) - Last login date/time.
  • Help text added to Automated Closed Captioning information window.

Release 2.21.19 09/23/2021

  • In-product help text edits.
  • ICS editor change.
  • Removed Report filter from Advanced Search.