Release Notes

EventBuilder Feature Release Videos

Release Notes 2.22.11 05/27/2022

  • Calendar display on Listing Pages now have to option to display 1000 events.
  • Date added to API Key and Secret default description.
  • Updated help text for banners to include .gif support.
  • Accessibility scan and updates.

Release Notes 2.22.10 05/13/2022

  • Dynamic text now shown on Moderator Console video controls.
  • Accessibility scan and improvements.
  • "Status" column on Event list now included (Active/Deactivated).
  • Backend optimizations.

Release Notes 2.22.09 04/29/2022

  • Added button to convert user-level question to Portal-level.
  • New Listing Page display type: Small Card style.
  • Date formatting information added to all column headers.
  • Auto-start video functionality added to Moderator Streaming Console.

Release Notes 2.22.08 04/19/2022

  • Stream and Record settings are now located above layout options on the Schedule step.
  • Date and Time fields now required for In-Person Events.
  • Custom sorts for Listing Pages no longer display in the custom sort table.
  • Limited access to Guest accounts for the Registrant area - Guests can now only mark registrants as Attended.

Release Notes 2.22.07 04/01/2022

  • When linking text, all text editors now set to 'open in a separate tab' as the default.
  • Enhancements to the Featured Events scrolll functionality.
  • Accessibility scans and addressing issues found.
  • API improvements.

Release Notes 2.22.06 03/18/2022

  • All column headers now standardized and sort functionality (by header) added.
  • Added co-branding URL redirect to Pages
  • Event duration is now visible on Pages with Calendar View display configured.
  • Additional label text option when configuring a Presenter/Moderator/Organizer: "Facilitated By."
  • Accessibility scan and improvements.

Release Notes 2.22.05 03/04/2022

  • 2-Factor Authentication now automatically adds a phone number question for Attendee verification via SMS texting.
  • Standardized look of pop-up windows.
  • Custom sort for Listing Pages is now available.
  • Updated our Privacy Notice.
  • Accessibility scan and improvements.

Release Notes 2.22.04 02/18/2022

  • Certificates now available for Attendees after viewing recorded content.
  • Contact EventBuilder information added to left hand navigation and Moderator Console controls.
  • On-going accessibility scans and updates.
  • Backend optimizations.

Release Notes 2.22.03 02/04/2022

  • Private messages sent to individual Attendees in the console now appear in both the Message Log and the Message Activity Report.
  • For undismissed in-product notifications, the yellow notification bell is now large then zooms to normal size upon login.
  • Pop-up now displays when User saves a Page without Tags, notifying them that all Events will appear on the page.

Release 2.22.02 01/21/2022

  • Larger fonts (42 pt) now available on editors.
  • Presenter/Moderator logins now require Account ID.
  • Description field for API Key & Secret accounts now required.
  • Updated the EventBuilder Privacy Notice.

Release 2.22.01 01/07/2022

  • Corrected column headers.
  • Addressed and corrected WCAG Q4 accessibility scan findings.
  • Back-end optimizations.

Release 2.21.25 12/24/2021

  • Account ID added to Presenter/Moderator/Organizer login area for Console access.
  • Security enhancements to Guest Account logins.
  • Pending messages in Console now displayed by oldest first. Moderators can toggle between oldest and newest.

Release 2.21.24 12/10/2021

  • Files can now be attached to Listing Pages.
  • Added confirmation popup to confirm message posting in the Console for Moderators.
  • Accessibility improvements.
  • Back-end optimizations.

Release 2.21.23 11/19/2021

  • Registrant Variables added to survey editor.
  • Captions re-enable automatically after Attendee browser refresh.
  • Listing Page Calendar View enhancements - user can select Monthly or Weekly View, and default start date to display.

Release 2.21.22 11/05/2021

  • Added polling functionality to on-demand recorded Events.
  • Correct display issue on Calendar View for Listing Pages.
  • Addressed and corrected WCAG Q3 accessibility scan findings.
  • Attendee Activity stats are now collected on recording views.

Release 2.21.21 10/22/2021

  • Changed name of opt-in question. Now reads, "Statement with checkbox (opt-in/opt-out)."
  • Guest emails now unique per portal.
  • Report name field now required, shown with a red asterisk.
  • Corrected two items from recent external accessibility scan.

Release 2.21.20 10/08/2021

  • Added limit to number of Recurring Report runs for data review purposes.
  • Registration Efficiencies now display on Calendar View for Listing Pages.
  • Removed two security add-ons: "Unique Join Key" and "Require Attendees to confirm email to join."
  • Added a new field to the User Activity Report (Portal-Level) - Last login date/time.
  • Help text added to Automated Closed Captioning information window.

Release 2.21.19 09/23/2021

  • In-product help text edits.
  • ICS editor change.
  • Removed Report filter from Advanced Search.

Release 2.21.17 08/24/2021

  • Updated Terms of Service.
  • Remove remaining Skype references for Skype EOL.
  • Featured Events functionality added to Listing Pages.
  • Registrant Management area optimized for mobile devices
  • Reports area updates and design improvements.

Release 2.21.16 08/13/2021

  • Invitee list upload functionality added. Send Event invitations directly from Portal.
  • Key and Secret creation tools are now available for Organizers and Administrators.
  • Improved Calendar View Listing Page display for better navigation and appearance.
  • Mutli-select now available on all dropdown menus where appropriate.

Release 2.21.15 07/30/2021

  • Skype for Business end-of-life: all references removed.
  • Automated captions moved to Azure AI.
  • In-Person Events Registrant area now displays Event Date/Time.
  • Quarterly WCAG 2.1 scan: findings corrected.
  • A pop-up indicating when a stream has stopped has been added to the EventBuilder Moderator Console.

Release 2.21.14 07/30/2021

  • Dropdown lists now support multiple selections.
  • Non-English language captions fully integrated into the EventBuilder Console.
  • Limit Guest account access post-event.
  • Attendee Activity report now includes manual or auto stream quality adjustment.
  • New column added to the Event Activity report: Captioning Type (Live or Automated).

Release 2.21.13 07/02/2021

  • Calendar listing page display type added.
  • Search functionality for portals added: Portal Contact and Billing Contact.
  • Help text updates for Templates, In-Person Events.
  • Report field updates: Opt-in/out questions no longer allowed to be blank.

Release 2.21.12 6/23/2021

  • Reports area redesign and streamlining of report generation.
  • Summary Reports have been added to present a visual overview - charts, graphs - of data.
  • Chaptering has been added to the edit recording functionality.
  • Additional fields added to Templates list: Date Created, Organizer, and Type.
  • Column added listing Template used to create an Event on the Event Activity Report.

Release 2.21.11 6/4/2021

  • Open/close cycling slides are now available for EventBuilder streaming events.
  • Allow for custom text in post-event surveys.
  • Organizers can now edit the popup message displayed for pending/denied Registrants.
  • The Registrant area now allows for search by Registrant ID.
  • EventBuilder's streaming console now allows for Attendee messages to be posted without requiring a reply.

Release 2.21.10 5/21/2021

  • The ability to search Listing Pages by Tags has been added.
  • Total number of Registrants field has been added to the Registrant area.
  • Updated social media icons in the Presenter/Moderator/Organizer configuration.
  • The term Web Viewer is now displayed as Web View.
  • On-Demand events can now display Additional Resources on the viewing console panel.

Release 2.21.09 5/07/2021

  • Non-English language captions have been integrated into EventBuilder player (no longer using pop out links).
  • Privacy language added for Web View reports download.
  • UX improvement for emailed report requests.
  • Event/Template title added to header.
  • Event Services link added to navigation.
  • Organizers can now disable email notification for manual event approvals.

Release 2.21.08 04/23/2021

  • Added support for authenticator apps for multi-factor authentication.
  • Updates to the Report area - Filter/request dialog options, use relative dates, request start/stop dates for recurring reports, and edit settings for existing recurring reports.
  • Added ability to deactivate Pages.
  • Social Media and Website links and icons can now be added to Presenter, Moderator, and Organizer accounts.
  • 'Event Created' email now includes more details regarding Event settings for confirmation and audit purposes.
  • The Message Summary report now includes Announcements.
  • Added a 'Back to Top' button to quickly scroll back to the top of a page.
  • Enhancement to "show video" in Moderator Console controls - button reads 'Queue Video' and when video is ready to play, the button changes to 'Show Video.'
  • Quarterly scan for on-going WCAG 2.1 AA compliance.

Release 2.21.07 04/09/2021

  • Various in-product help text updates.
  • HTML editors can add links to images.
  • Registration data is now available via the 'Information' icon in the Moderator Console.
  • Organizers can now upload a background to a Registration Page. (Suite-level subscribers)
  • The text search field is now configurable on Listing Pages.

Release 2.21.06 03/26/2021

  • Two-factor authentication is now available as an event join add-on security setting.
  • Four new columns added to the Attendance Summary Report: registrant minimum bandwidth detected, registrant average bandwidth detected, registrant maximum bandwidth detected, and if the registrant's speed was adjusted.
  • One new column added to both Attendance Summary and Recording View Summary reports to indicate if closed captioning was enabled.
  • Default branding (banner, opening/closing slide images) updated with new vector art.
  • Default Event Contact name and email address fields added to User Account records.
  • Allowlist/Denylist setting now shows count total.
  • Dynamic button labels on system-generated emails are now editable.
  • Various updates to in-product explanatory texts.

Release 2.21.05 03/12/2021

  • Display order for Presenter/Moderator/Organizer functionality added to event list.
  • UX improvements in the Portal Configuration area.
  • Custom text functionality has been added to deactivated events information.
  • Non-streamed events now have a customizable info panel.

Release 2.21.04 2/26/2021

  • Portal-level settings for Privacy Notice, Terms of Use, GDPR, and Contact were added, replacing the open text footer option.
  • The Summary of Events report has been renamed to Event Summary.
  • Report added: Recording View Summary, detailing attendee recording view connect and disconnect times. 
  • A display dialog summarizing Source Tracking configured on a Registration/Listing page to clarify proper link usage for data collection.
  • Listing and Search pages are now merged, with Search functionality added to Listing page setup.
  • Source Tracking information now appears listed on the Info icon on the Events list.
  • Registration Close Date and Content Expiration Date options in the Security step modifications.

Release 2.21.03 2/12/2021

  • Adjusted software portals to comply with WCAG 2.1 AA standards. (Scanned and updated quarterly)
  • Updated Terms of Service.
  • Clarifying text added to GDPR explanatory language.

Release 2.21.02 2/1/2021

  • Added the ability for Moderators to register sentiment to Messages in streamed events.
  • Recording playback can now be slowed down or sped up.
  • Admins can now reclassify Templates from an Organizer to Portal level.
  • The join link on .ics files is now clickable from Teams calendar.
  • Organizers can now fully customize the Info Panel in the Attendee viewer.
  • Added dynamic troubleshooting buttons to the Moderator Console for Simulated Live events: Verify Recording and Reload Recording.

Release 2.21.01 01/15/2021

  • Added additional Security Add-on features: set Registration Page and Content Expiration dates.
  • The price for automated captioning is now $100 per event (regardless of duration).
  • New Registration Efficiency options have been added: Organizers can now set all events on Listing/Search pages to be selected by default. Also, Organizers can allow Registrants to unselect Events.
  • A confirmation dialog will now appear when deleting certificates.

Release 12/31/2020

  • Updated in-product WYSIWYG editors to newest version available.
  • The Event Cancelation email now has a "Remove from Calendar" button.
  • Pending Registrants email notification now includes a button to take Organizers directly to the corresponding area on their Portal.
  • Administrators can now add Portal Privacy Notice text and Privacy Notice URL to Portal Configuration.
  • A privacy notice button has been added to the Info Panel on the Attendee viewer.
  • Various privacy language updates throughout.
  • Added a new Report area: "Most Recent Reports" and changed the default report method to Web Viewer.
  • Updated explanatory text on the Closed Captioning order dialog.
  • A customizable Event List Header has been added to Listing and Search Pages.

Release 2.20.24 12/11/2020

  • New Security Add-on option: Registration Close Date. Organizers can choose to close event registration on a specified date.
  • We added an automated email informing Organizers their edited recording has been uploaded.
  • Custom pages can now include co-branding information.
  • .ICS attachments on invitation emails now say 'calendar' to be more intuitive.
  • We have added updates to our privacy disclosures and information throughout the program.
  • In Registrant Management, the date and time of registration is now displayed.

Release 2.20.23 11/20/2020

  • Added ability for Administrators to enable 2-Factor Authentication functionality on their Portals.
  • Added a button to Access Granted Reschedule email for recipient calendar updates.
  • For Reports, Organizers can now download .csv files from the Web Viewer.
  • WCAG 2.0 AA color contrast improvements.
  • Organizers can now host Event recordings on Teams Live Events instead of EventBuilder.
  • Added consent and privacy language to various areas to comply with regulations and ISO standards.
  • Updated the Copyright/Fair Use Disclaimer for pre- and post-event music uploads.

Release 2.20.22 11/06/2020

What's new:

  • Added the ability to rename files in their repository.
  • Organizers can add confidential disclaimer to transactional emails.
  • A new Security add-on will prompt an Attendee to confirm their email address before joining their event.
  • Questions can now be hyperlinked via HTML editor on the Engage step.
  • Hosted by/Presented by are now configurable per PMO instead of per event.

Release 2.20.20 10/09/2020

What's new:

  • Attendee Sentiment is now configurable by Event. It can be disabled during the build or on-the-fly during the Event.
  • Sort by column headings has been added for Pages.
  • Improved functionality of polls in the Moderator Console
  • On Listing or Search pages, a proactive .ics (calendar) offer has been added for Registrants selecting an individual registration button.
  • Portal subscription area now has a link to subscription and billing management.
  • In the Streaming Console, Messages now indicate whether responses are public or private.
  • Text displayed for Pre- and Post-Event Surveys is now editable.
  • Organizers can now specify "Presented by" or "Hosted by" displayed for Presenters/Moderators.

Release 2.20.19 9/25/2020

What's new:

  • Question management: Added "Book" icon to provide Organizers with more information about questions in their Unified Question Bank. 
  • Copy/Paste multiple images in the editor - saves image in the Organizer's repository.
  • Event Type has been added to Event Lists.
  • On-going WCAG 2.0 updates and implementations.
  • Subscription Transfer - move a subscription from one user to another.
  • Organizers can delete Pages and give permissions for other Organizers to edit Pages.
  • Additional Resources checkboxes greyed out if already set at the Template level.
  • Documentation on additional support hours added.
  • Password-protected certificate option available.

Release 2.20.18 9/11/2020

What's new:

  • URL preview functionality added on all pages (Registration, Listing, Search) - image displayed will be the portal logo.
  • Organizers can now crop the front and/or back of recordings in-product, then re-upload.
  • Sort setting now retained if you navigate away from your list and then return.
  • Stream indicator now reflects actual speeds: 1080p and 480p.
  • Confirmation dialog added when deleting questions. 
  • Redesign of Enable email setting to clearly differentiate it from the Enable settings for dynamic buttons in transactional emails.
  • Calculated look-up questions are now more intuitive.
  • Updated the Validation Security Question interface.

Release 2.20.17 8/28/2020

What's new.

  • Dashboard widgets redesign: improved experience with adding, resizing, and relocating.
  • Co-branding: Users can add a second logo to appear on Registration pages in the upper right corner on the ribbon, allowing users to co-brand on an event-by-event basis.
  • The 'Additional Resources' feature is now located on the Engage section.
  • Pre/Post-Event Music is now located on the Extras section.
  • Desktop, tablet, and phone layout previews have been added.
  • A change in Event duration will now trigger a Reschedule Email.
  • Listing Page banners are now responsive.
  • Sentiment: Attendees in a streamed event can add a thumbs up/thumbs down to messages and announcements. Results will be seen in the Moderator Console.
  • Event Cancelation: Cancelation emails will now be sent to Presenters, Moderators, and Organizers.

Release 2.20.16 8/14/2020

What's new:

  • Any "Additional Resources" information will now appear on the Information Panel in streamed events.
  • We added a Sort option for the Messages Log in the Streaming Console. (Descending.)
  • Upgraded HD stream level to 1080p (from 780p).
  • Images can now be added to the editor in the Streaming Console.
  • Changed Tag selection on Search Pages to a multi-select dropdown list.
  • Removed Attendee PII information from Console for privacy compliance.
  • Confirmation email now sent when a User changes their password.

Release 2.20.15 7/21/2020

What's new:

  • Additional security option is now available: Validation question. When selected, Registrants are prompted to enter a custom field/promo code response created by the Event Organizer.
  • Moderators can now switch between HD and SD stream quality for Attendees.
  • New method of ending streams has been implemented to accommodate any Attendee still watching the stream. 
  • Updated language for whitelist/blacklist has been implemented system wide. Correct terminology is now allowlist/denylist.

Release 2.20.14 07/17/2020

What's new:

  • Implementation of WCAG 2.1 AAA requirements to public-facing pages for accessibility.
  • Added a confirmation dialog when deleting a Presenter/Moderator/Organizer.
  • Microsoft Power BI connectors are now available.
  • Added a preview for rating questions, 

Release 2.20.13 06/26/2020

What's new:

  • The use of Internet Explorer is now disallowed for events. A page redirect has been put in place.
  • Attachment size on transactional email has been capped at 10Mb.
  • Portal hostname field is now locked.
  • Embed code styling has been removed so as not to impact customer's styling on their websites.
  • Email addresses of Attendees is no longer displayed on the Console to stay compliant with privacy protocols.
  • Accessibility improvements to continue with WCAG 2.1 compliance.

Release 2.20.12 06/12/2020

What's new:

  • Organizers will now be informed of which email on an Allowlist/Denylist is invalid. (Formerly known as whitelist/blacklist.)
  • CAPTCHA question functionality has been added at the Portal-level as an option for enhanced security. (Administrators can set this Portal-wide for Registrant access.)
  • Attendees now see poll results as percentages instead of actual count.
  • Updated Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy added to all portals.
  • A Portal-wide date range limitation that can be pulled in a single query has been added.

Release 2.20.11 05/29/2020

What's new:

  • Three new question types have been added: Rating-Agreeability, Rating-Quality, Rating-Star.
  • Modifications have been made to public-facing pages to meet Accessibility standards (WCAG 2.1).
  • Captioning order button now locks five days prior to an event's scheduled date.
  • The Registrant Data Retention Period control has been moved to the Branding section in Portal Configuration.
  • Sub-portals now have the Portals tab on their navigation.

Release 2.20.10 05/15/2020

What's new:

  • Venue name and location are now required fields for In-Person Events.
  • A pop-up informing a Registrant of their Pending status has been added.
  • Clearer and more consistent Update and Cancel buttons for Atendees.
  • New question type: Calculated Look Up Value.
  • Left-hand navigation now includes a link to the EventBuilder service performance dashboard.
  • Source Tracking is now available on Listing and Search pages.
  • Updated Privacy Policy.

Release 2.20.9 05/01/2020

What's new:

  • A new widget is available on streaming Consoles: Files. Presenters and Moderators can see any files attached to their Event within the Console.
  • The User Summary report now includes all Event types in the Event count.
  • A link to the EventBuilder Knowledge Base has been added to the Portal Dashboard.
  • Recordings for Simulate Live Events are locked one hour prior to the scheduled start time to prevent isses with incorrect recordings being played.
  • The stream music volume has been adjusted.
  • Explanatory mouse over text has been added to Templates for action clarification.
  • Updated Terms and Conditions has been added to Portals.

Release 2.20.8 04/17/2020

What's new:

  • Administrators can now establish re-direct links.
  • Organizers now receive daily notification emails if there are pending registrations for their event.
  • A message now displays when a duplicate entry is found on a allowlist/denylist.
  • Access Granted emails are now dynamic, displaying appropriate information for either a live webinar or in-person event.
  • Source tracking link management has been added.
  • A confirmation dialog has been added when an announcement is deleted.
  • ICS files are now dynamic to make them more relevant for each event type. Customizations are still enabled.
  • Events are no longer restricted to 1 hour for event creation. Events can now be created with any start time in the future.

Release 2.20.7 04/17/2020

What's new:

  • HTML editor has been updated to CK Editor 5.
  • A setting allowing Organizers to display a static time zone of Registration pages and emails has been added.
  • A redesign of the Delete/Deactivate functions to make them more intuitive has been created.
  • The Event Summary Report now includes a column for Dial-In Audio minutes.
  • Registration and Listing pages are now responsive and optimized for mobile.
  • Font style and size for dynamic email content has been standardized.
  • Surveys are now linked to post-event emails if a survey is configured.
  • Clarifying text has been added under the Register button for how to join a live webinar.

Release 2.20.6 03/20/2020

What's new:

  • Custom hold music is now available. Read more about custom hold music.
  • Dynamic elements on emails can now be individually enabled or disabled.
  • Moderators can now see all registration questions and poll responses for each Attendee.
  • Trash icons now have standardized colors.

Release 2.20.5 03/06/2020

What's new:

  • "Event Initializing" dialog will now display after an event has started to provide a visual cue for when the stream is ready.
  • Organizers can now choose between two Closed Captioning options: machine-generated or NCI.
  • Minimum event duration is now 1 minute instead of 15 minutes.
  • The user interface for timing of transactional emails has been updated.
  • Presenters and Moderators can now edit and delete Announcements in the Console.
  • Organizers can now add attachment files to transactional emails.
  • Messages can now be downloaded by Attendees of streamed events.

Release 2.20.4 02/21/2020

What's new:

  • Security enhancement: Passwords now require a minimum of 8 characters, and must include upper case, lower case, number, and symbols.
  • Access to the Registrant area is now available to Organizers. 
  • Organizers can now select to display 15, 25, or 50 events per page on Listing and Search pages.
  • Attendees can now disable audio notification of incoming messages/announcements.
  • Edit or Cancel My Registration buttons are now available on all Registration Confirmation and Reminder emails, regardless of event type.
  • An 'Update My Calendar' button has been added to reschedule emails for Presenters, Moderators, and Organizers.

Release 2.20.3 02/07/2020

What's new:

  • Resend links for batch emails are now dynamic and will only appear after the original distribution of the email.
  • The ''Play" icon in the Attendee player has been enhanced for better visibility.
  • We shortened the delay experienced when connecting to dial-in audio.
  • Time zone has been added to In-Person events Listing pages.

Release 2.20.2 01/24/2020

What's new:

  • Time zone information now displays on Listing and Search pages.
  • New icons have been added to indicate Simulated-Live and In-Person events.
  • Organizers can now display Dial-in Audio information on the Attendee viewer's Info panel.
  • Our Minimum Requirements document now reflects that we no longer support Internet Explorer or Windows 7.

Release 2.20.1 01/10/2020

What's new:

  • The report previously named "Q & A Log" has been renamed "Messages Summary."
  • Organizers and Administrators can now proactively change their password in via the Account screen.
  • The Registrants area has been redesigned to be more intuitive for navigation.
  • Organizers can now resend batch emails.
  • The option, "Display original event date after the event is over" has been moved from the Extras section to the Schedule section.
  • Events are now a maximum of 18 hours. 
  • On-the-fly emails now require a subject.