Rescheduling Events

Last updated: May 10, 2023

Organizers can reschedule an Event, provided the originally scheduled date has not passed. Note: If the original Event date has already passed, you cannot reschedule to a future date.

To Reschedule an Event

Navigate to the Event you wish to reschedule, open to the Schedule section on your Event, and scroll to the Event Date and Time section on the page: 

Screenshot: Event Detail Schedule section with Event Date and Time section highlighted.

Choose the new Event Date and Time, then click 'Save & Continue.' You may edit any other details of your rescheduled Event if you wish.

Note: An Event's new start time must be at least 1 hour from the time of rescheduling. 

Rescheduling E-Published Events

If your Event was created using E-Publishing, reschedule the event in Outlook. This will ensure the change is made both in Outlook and the Event build in your Portal.

Communication Emails

If enabled, the 'Event Rescheduled' email will be triggered upon rescheduling your Event with the new date and time for your Event included. Note: You may want to consider customizing this email prior to rescheduling your Event.

Note: Rescheduling your Event in Outlook will also trigger the Reschedule Event system-generated automatic email if configured, notifying Registrants of the change. Learn more: E-Publishing Events.

Video Training: Rescheduling Events