Rescheduling Events

Last updated: August 23, 2021 

Organizers can reschedule an Event, provided the originally scheduled date has not passed. Note: If the original Event date has already passed, you cannot reschedule to a future date.

To Reschedule an Event:

Navigate to the Event you wish to reschedule, open to the Schedule section on your Event, and scroll to the Event Date and Time section on the page: 

Screenshot: Event Detail Schedule section with Event Date and Time section highlighted.

Choose the new Event Date and Time, then click 'Save & Continue.' You may edit any other details of your rescheduled Event if you wish.

Note: An Event's new start time must be at least 1 hour from the time of rescheduling. 

Communication Emails:

If enabled, the 'Event Rescheduled' email will be triggered upon rescheduling your Event with the new date and time for your Event included. 

Rescheduling Events Training Video