Adding Rotating Opening and Closing Slides

Last updated: April 28, 2023

For EventBuilder Streaming Events, Organizers can set their opening and closing slides to rotate through multiple images. 

Convert PowerPoint to GIF/Export

Open your PowerPoint presentation. Select File from the top menu.

Screenshot: Orange PowerPoint menu with the 'Export' option circled in blue.

Choose 'Export.'

The Export dialog will appear. Choose "Create an Animated GIF."

Screenshot: PowerPoint Export dialog with "Create an Animated GIF" and the options dialog highlighted.

Select file size:

Screenshot: PowerPoint export file size dialog with Medium file size/moderate quality highlighted.

When selecting a file size, be aware that GIF files download to the Attendee's browser cache. If the Attendee's bandwidth is slow, larger file sizes can affect the Attendee's overall streaming experience. Animations, embedded video, and PowerPoint transitions are not supported.

Select from the following settings:

Screenshot: PowerPoint GIF export options: Make background transparent, Seconds to spend on each slide, slide number selector.

  • Make background transparent - Removes background to create a "floating" look to your GIF.
  • Seconds to spend on each slide - Determine how long each slide should be visible.
  • Slides - Select the slides from your deck you wish to include in the GIF.

Click 'Create GIF' and save to your local or cloud drive.

Screenshot: PowerPoint's Create GIF button.

Upload GIF to Opening/Closing Slides 

Screenshot: Event Detail with the Communicate step highlighted.

Navigate to your EventBuilder Portal and select the Event you wish to add the GIF to. Go to the Communicate Step, and scroll down to the Opening/Closing slides section.

Screenshot: Select File dialog displaying search field and upload file(s) button.

Screenshot: File Selection dialog with file name EB Demo GIF 1,gif and the Select button highlighted.Upload and/or select your GIF to set as your opening and/or closing slides. 

Rotation Preview

Once uploaded, your GIF will display in the preview area, allowing you to test the timing of slide transitions before completing your Event build. 

Screenshot: Preview of rotating opening slide GIF.