Security Overview

Last updated: April 28, 2023

Security settings give Organizers greater control over registration and attendance for their events, including Allowlist/Denylist options, limiting the number of Registrants, and manual approval.

Security Settings

EventBuilder offers several choices for Organizers to set security for Templates and Events. Located on the Security step, the following options are available:

Screenshot: Security Step options.(Described in text)
  • Let anyone register and attend - The default setting, allows anyone with the Registration Page URL to attend an Event.
  • Manually approve Registrants before they can attend this event - Organizers decide which Registrants can attend the scheduled Event.
  • Allowlist or Denylist Registrants using a list - Organizers can automatically screen Registrants by domain and/or email address. 
  • Allowlist or Denylist Registrants by querying a remote server - This option allows Organizers to automatically screen Registrants by querying a remote server - requires Organizers to have administrator access to the endpoint server.
  • Require Registrants to verify via email - Enables two-factor authentication for Event registration. 
  • Use a validation question for Registrants to enter a custom field/promo code - Screens Registrants by a custom value they enter at time of Registration.
  • Limit the number of Registrants - Set a maximum number of registrants and once that number has been reached any additional registrants will be placed on a waiting list. The maximum number can be adjusted at any time. 


Organizers can add optional Security settings to their events, including "Limit the maximum number of registrants' and Two-factor Authentication.

Screenshot: Add-ons - Limit the maximum number of registrants, 2-factor Authentication, Registration Close Date, Registration Cancel/Edit Deadline, Content Expiration.

  • Limit the maximum number of registrants - Places a hard registration limit on your Event
  • Two-Factor Authentication upon joining - Requires Registrants to enter a one-time access code to join the event
  • Registration Close Date - The Event's Registration button will change to 'Registration Closed' on the date selected
  • Registration Cancel/Edit Deadline - Prevents Registrants from editing or canceling their registration after 12:00 am on the date specified, based on the Registrant's time zone
  • Content Expiration - The Event page will be deactivated on the date selected

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