Building Events: Set Up

Last updated: December 7, 2020

Set Up is where Organizers add the Event's description, contact information, and banner graphic. 

Screenshot: Event Detail section with Set Up highlighted.

Describe Your Event

Use the editor provided to create a description of your Event. The full-featured editor supports images, header and font styles/colors, iFrame, and more. You may edit in the WYSIWYG editor (shown) or click on the 'Source' button on the toolbar to edit HTML directly.

Screenshot: Describe your Event section with the editor toolbar.

Contact Information

Enter the name and email of your Event's contact. Generally, Organizers take on this role, but it can be assigned to anyone you choose.

Screenshot: Contact Information fields


The Banner will appear on the Registration Page and at the top of all email communications for the Event. 

The default Banner is set in the Portal-level template. The Portal default cannot be replaced, only overwritten. The 'Clear' button will remove any customized Banner and display the Portal-set default. This step is optional if your Portal-level Template's Banner is sufficient.

To change or add an Event Banner, click on the 'Browse' button. 

Screenshot: Banner selection function, with optimal width (1400px)  and the clear/browse buttons highlighted.

Note: The recommended width for Banner images is 1400px.

The 'Select File' window will appear. 

Screenshot: Select File window for adding an Event Banner. The Upload files and Select buttons are highlighted.

Click the 'Upload File(s) button to add a Banner file to your file repository, then click 'select' to attach it to the Event.

Note: Files larger than 500 MB may need to be compressed to be uploaded successfully. Learn more.

Click 'Save & Continue'

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