Templates: Locked/Editable Fields

Last updated: December 16, 2020

A section-by-section breakdown of which fields are locked or editable when building an Event based on a Template.

Step Field Locked/Editable Additional Info
  Type of Event Editable  
  Registration Layout Editable  
  Stream/Record? Editable  
Set Up      
  Event Description Editable  
  Contact Name Editable  
  Contact Email Editable  
  Banner Editable  
  Files Locked Can add, cannot remove
  Registration Questions Locked Can add, cannot remove
  Polls Locked Can add, cannot remove
  Survey Questions Locked Can add, cannot remove
  Additional Resources Editable Can add, cannot remove. May choose to turn off display of listed resources on Registration Page/Live Event
  Email Edits Editable  
  Email Send Timing Editable  
  Calendar Invite Content Editable  
  Open Hold Image Editable  
  Close Hold Image Editable  
Security     Can be set at the Template level, Organizer can change setting at Event level. 
  Listing Page Image Editable  
  Certificate Edits Editable  
  Registration Button Labels Editable  
  Music Editable  


*Note: Changes made to Templates will be reflected in all Events created from said Template, unless an Organizer has made customizations to editable fields for their Event. Customizations made at the Event-level will not change.  


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