Templates Overview

Last Updated: May 9, 2023

EventBuilder’s powerful Templates tool creates the foundation for Administrators and Organizers to set and control the layout, style, branding, and functionality for your Events.

Template Levels

EventBuilder has three Template levels: 

  • "Parent" Portal Template: Created by the Administrator at the time of Portal configuration, the "parent" or top-level Template provides Administrators with the ability to standardize their Portal's branding, attach files such as the company Privacy Notice, set required registration questions, and add additional resources such as website links that will appear on all events. After completing the Parent Template, all subsequent Templates and Events will include those properties and be collected at each event. Note: EventBuilder recommends adding minimum customizations to the Parent Portal Template, allowing greater flexibility for customizations to Templates and Events.
  • Portal-level Templates: "Top-level” or global Templates are created by the Portal Administrator(s) and are built based on the Parent Portal Template. With Portal-level Templates, any Questions, Files, and/or Additional Resources added cannot be edited or deleted by Organizers, ensuring consistent data collection for Events across all subscribers. Note: Portal-level Templates are available for use by all subscribers.
  • Organizer-level Templates: Created by Admins and Organizers to customize a unique set of Events, built on the default Portal Template. Once Template has been created, only the Organizer/Administrator who created it can edit - no other Organizers on the Portal will have access. Administrators can also create Organizer-level Templates for their own Events. Organizer-level Templates are located in the My Templates section:
Screenshot: Templates main navigation with My Templates link highlighted.

Template Permissions

      • Create and edit all Portal-level Templates
      • View and edit all Templates created by additional Administrators
      • Create, view, and edit their own individual Organizer-level Templates
      • View and edit all Organizer-level Templates created by additional Administrators and all Organizers
      • Set default Templates for Administrators and Organizers across the Portal


      • Create and edit their own Templates
      • View and use Portal-level Templates for Event creation
      • Add Questions, Files, and Additional Resources to their Events created with one of their Templates or a Portal-level Template
      • Note: Organizers cannot edit or delete Portal-level Templates


  • Administrators can create and edit Portal-level Templates, as well as any Organizer-level Templates they have created for their Events
  • Organizers can view each Portal-level Template's settings but cannot make changes to or create new Portal-level Templates
Learn more: Administrator Permissions


Template Inheritance:

Template Inheritance Flow Chart.

Template inheritance: Global, or "Parent" Template: 

In this illustration, the Portal Templates are created with the Parent Template as the foundation. The "child" Templates and Events inherit the properties of the Parent Template. 

GIF: Parent/Portal Template at tope, Portal Templates A & B, and Organizer C branching off, and Events A, B, C, D, E, F branching off the templates above them.

Template Inheritance: Change made to Parent/Portal-level Template:

In this illustration, after the Parent/Portal Template's Banner is updated, all Templates and Events will reflect this change. As Portal Template B's Banner replaced the Parent/Portal Template's Banner, the Template and Events created with Portal Template B will not inherit the updated Parent/Portal Banner.

GIF: Parent/Portal Template changes banner, the change flows down to Portal Template A & Organizer Template C, but Portal Template B had already changed its banner. The Banner on Portal Template B remains the same.

Properties that Organizers cannot edit, change or delete when creating their own Templates and Events based on Portal-level Templates:

      • Files
      • Registration Questions/Survey Questions
      • Additional Resources
      • Polls (Suite subscribers only)
Learn which fields are locked or editable: Editable/locked fields table 

Using Templates

Using Templates to set up your webinars and events enables you to collect consistent data from Registrants. We understand one of the most useful and flexible functions EventBuilder offers can also be confusing until you have some practice and examples. Here are some things to know about creating Events based on Templates:

  • When creating a new Event, the option "Start from scratch" will use the Portal-level default Template as the Event's foundation.
  • The option "Create from an existing Template" allows Organizers to choose from "My Templates" or any Portal-level Template.
  • With "Create from your Outlook calendar" the Event is created based on the Organizer's default Template. (Note: This option is available for Pro- and Suite-level subscribers only.)

Screenshot: Create New Event options: Start from scratch, Create from an existing template, and Create from your Outlook calendar.

  • The Questions, Files, and Additional Resources configured on the Template will be enforced for each Event built from the selected Template and cannot be edited or deleted by Organizers.
  • Organizers may add Questions, Additional Resources, and Files as needed to their Event.

EventBuilder Templates Overview Training Video

View the video training guide on understanding and implementing EventBuilder Templates: