Understanding Hierarchical Portals

Last updated: April 26, 2023

For larger organizations, creating sub-portals for different business groups can help keep your company's event programming secure, structured, and manageable. In this scenario, there is a main, administrative portal (called the Parent Portal), and sub-portals that can be maintained by Organizers as assigned by the main portal's Administrator. 

Sample Hierarchical Structure

With hierarchical portals, EventBuilder provides a Parent Portal, and based on consultation with the company's decision makers, creates custom sub-portals to suit their needs. 

ABC Company Main

  • ABC Marketing
  • ABC Sales
  • ABC HR

User Permissions


The Parent Portal has a main Administrator who can access all data and User information located in sub-portals. 

The Parent Portal Administrator may assign an Administrator to a sub-portal, which enables access to all data and User information contained on that sub-portal. A sub-portal Administrator would not have access to the Parent Portal's data.


Organizers can be added to the Parent Portal or sub-portals, depending on use case and need. Organizers assigned to the Parent Portal would not have access to data on any sub-portals.

Learn more about Adding User Accounts.


Enterprise subscription holders with large diverse groups and varying needs are best suited for customized hierarchical portals. 

How to Add 

EventBuilder offers customization for hierarchical portals. To begin the process of adding this structure to your account with us, please contact hello@eventbuilder.com Email to: hello@eventbuilder.com.