Release Notes

Release 2.1.32 11/08/2019 

What's new:

  • Maximum capacity/hard limit can now be set to any other security option. 
  • On-the-Fly emails can now be sent to pending and denied Registrants. 
  • Whitelist/blacklists can be downloaded from an Event or Template.
  • The Console will now automatically switch to Attendee view when a Presenter or Moderator enters an announcement.

Release 2.1.31 10/25/2019

What's new:

  • In the Console, we added an "Additional Resources" button in the Meeting Control section, where links to all URLs associated with the Event (e.g., Registration Page, Certificate, Post-Event Surveys) can be copied and distributed to Attendees.
  • Presenters/Moderators/Organizers now have the ability to minimize/maximize widgets in the Console to customize their view.
  • A new setting on Search Pages allows Invitees to search by event type: Future Live Events, On-Demand Only, or both.)
  • The Registration Summary Report now includes an additional column: unique_recording_views.
  • The Event Summary Report now includes an additional column: captioning_file_updated.
  • The Q and A Report now includes information regarding who/when a message is dismissed in the Console.
  • When a Presenter, Moderator, or Organizer starts or stops a stream, a pop-up with explanatory text appears.
  • We've added a setting for Organizers allowing them to to remove the date/time information from a registration page once the event has occurred.
  • A Terms & Conditions page and a Privacy Policy page will be automatically generated when a portal is created. Administrators can add their own content if they choose.
  • A pop-up notification will display a message when deleting Templates, and the program will prevent Template deletion if it is set as a default or if it has events attached to it.

Release 2.1.30 10/4/2019

What's New:

  • Functionality improvements to E-scheduling.
  • Small edits to Registration Page features to ensure URL consistency.

Release 2.1.29 9/20/2019

What's new:

  • Secure reports are now an available setting at the Portal-level. Reports can now be sent via email as a password-protected .zip file, with a second email sent containing a randomized password for access. 
  • Source Tracking can now be added to Listing and Search pages, giving you more places to help gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. 
  • We've added a column to the Event Summary report, showing unique  recording views. An upcoming release will add the same information - unique recording views - to the Registration Summary report.

Release 9/16/2019

What's new:

  • Traffic filtering fix: For Events with videos, the bot will now download the videos before playing in order to ensure smooth playback and delivery during live events or simulated-live events.

Release 2.1.28 9/6/2019

What's new:

  • Test emails available on the Communicate step have been revamped to be more intuitive and functional.
  • For events with Closed Captioning, Attendees can now customize the font size and color of the text to their personal preference.
  • All text editors now have the Segue UI font available.

Release 2.1.27 8/16/2019

This release features new options for the look of Listing pages, more control over the number of registrations, and new security features.

What's New:

  • You can now choose a display type for Listing pages: Organizers may select from List style or Card style.
  • Organizers now have the ability to set their maximum capacity as a hard limit with no waitlist.
  • At the event-level, we added a setting to prevent multiple registrations from the same email address.
  • On the Security step, we've modified the 'Manually approve registrants' setting for clarification.
  • Organizers can now manually deny a registration on the Secruity step when 'Manually approve registrants' is selected.

Release: 2.1.26 8/02/2019

We've added three new registration page layout options, a Closed Captioning-enabled indicator, enhanced some features, and more.

What's New:

  • Three Registration Page layout options for Organizers to choose from: Classic, Marquee, and Clean.
  • Organizers can now include additional resources on Registration pages in the "Contact Organizer" area.
  • We've added an indicator to the Information icon for when Closed Captioning is enabled on an Event.
  • On the Event Summary Report, we've added new columns to indicate streaming, recording, security, and/or Closed Captioning are enabled, as well as how many Presenters, Moderators, and Organizers have been configured for Events.
  • On search pages, all event Tags are now unchecked by default.
  • There is now a 15 minute minimum duration for Events.
  • The logo URL redirect field on Portal configuration will not modify any URL entered.
  • For Templates, when an email is disabled the delivery timing will now say, 'Disabled.'
  • The dialog box will now stay open when a User highlights/copies text within it.

Release: 2.1.25 7/19/2019

What's New:

  • We've added a Volume Adjustment on Previewer - the volume on the previewer is muted by default. When it is unmuted it will now be at 50%.
  • The scrub bar and stop button on the Attendee viewer and previewer have been removed.
  • "On the fly" emails now have an appropriate error message displayed when no subject is enetered, and we've included a red asterisk to indicate that subject is a required field.
  • We made the error message displayed when attempting to create an account without specifying a role more specific. 
  • On Announcements, the timing display will now update correctly.