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How to Create a Webinar That Doesn't Suck

May 13 2021 / by Karen Mares

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Exciting news! We're partnering with OMH Creative Storied Teams to bring you a webinar to teach you how to create webinars (that don't suck). EventBuilder CEO Lauren Meyer and OMH Creative/Storied Teams CEO Aaron J. Jacobs are joining forces to share their best tactics and techniques to take your webinars from bland to brilliant with their webinar that aired on May 20th. Missed it? Don't worry! The recording is available for you to watch any time. First - let's give you a look at what you'll learn: 

This webinar definitely does not suck:

How to Create Webinars That Dont Suck Webinar Promo

Learn the secrets of how to get more than five people to show up to your webinars. You'll leave with tips and techniques you can deploy immediately.

An Introduction to Storied Teams

OMH Creative is a boutique marketing agency skilled at video production, coaching and training, and building inbound marketing assets. OMH Creative Storied Teams works, "to identify your audience, slip on their shoes, and figure out what they find entertaining and useful." They take your message and their expertise to craft marketing "infotainment" (as they call it) that gets and keeps your audience's attention. They also train and coach you how to make the magic happen with Storied Teams — their "how to look and sound awesome on camera and tell compelling stories that grab leads" initiative. Boasting happy clients like Microsoft and SAP, OMH Creative does it well and does it right.

Aaron J. Jacobs CEO, OMH Creative/Storied Teams

Aaron launched OMH Creative in 2012 after several years of working as a consultant for Microsoft. OMH Creative isn't his first entrepreneurial rodeo, though. From 2004 through 2012, Aaron ran Reel Extras / AJ Casting, a Seattle-area background talent casting agency for the TV, film, and commercial industries. With his innovative methods for bringing the casting process into the 21st century, the agency became the go-to service for the region.

Who is EventBuilder?

Hi! You may be familiar with us already, but here's a quick refresher:

We're a 100% women-owned and women-led software and services technology company working in the virtual events space. We offer advanced, customizable registration, security, reporting, and managed event services with our end-to-end webinar and virtual events solution for Microsoft Teams and Teams Live Event. EventBuilder has been in the webinar space for a long time and we produce thousands of virtual events per month, so we know how to provide expert service and support for your webinars, virtual conferences, and events.

About Lauren Meyer

EventBuilder CEO Lauren Meyer assumed the role of CEO in 2016, when an opportunity to buy the EventBuilder brand arose. Together with Renée Conlee, COO and Robin Houser, CTO, Lauren and her colleagues invested in the company, rebuilt its brand and reputation, and have never looked back. Lauren began her career in the webinar and virtual events industry in 2005, serving as the Director of Enterprise Services for then-parent company Encounter Collaborative DBA EventBuilder. In her role as Director, she oversaw the webinar and virtual event programming for major customers like Microsoft and xxxx, including growth strategy and event personnel management. No stranger to performance and event production, Lauren serves on the board of the Vancouver, Washington-based Metropolitan Performing Arts and has participated in various vocal performances around the region. 

What Will I Learn about Non-Sucky Webinars?

Together, Lauren and Aaron will take you step by step through the three biggies of good webinars: Engagement, Planning, and Storytelling.

Engagement -

Get tips for grabbing your audience beyond polls and standard Q&A, and learn how to make sure your attendees are invested. Aaron guides you through professional and time-tested methods for not only creating audience engagement but actually being engaging on camera. From lighting to breaking through your, "oh no I hate being on camera" hang-ups, Aaron shares the goods on what to do to get comfortable on camera.

All the best equipment and on-camera practice in the world won't make a difference if your planning and execution fall flat. This is where Lauren Meyer, EventBuilder CEO, comes in.


Lauren will take you through creating a solid webinar plan. Lauren's been in the webinar game for a really long time — she knows how overwhelming the nitty-gritty and sometimes sneaky details of virtual event planning can be. She'll take you through the best practices and spell out the kind of support you need to pull off a webinar that stands out. Learn how to shed the worry about logistics and technical details so you can focus on your content.


What does storytelling have to do with great webinars that people remember? The T-Three Storytelling Technique. Stick around and hear Aaron's secret formula for making an emotional connection, building trust, and establishing a rapport with your audience to guide them from webinar attendee to solid sales lead.

Stuff You Can Use Right Now

You won't go away empty-handed. EventBuilder and OMH Creative's Storied Teams are giving you planning tips, basic lighting setup, on-camera skills, and the Three-T Storytelling method you can implement immediately. 

Register Now and Get in On the Action

Get the secrets to making sure your webinars don't suck, and learn more about how we're bundling Storied Teams' camera and content coaching with EventBuilder's managed event services to take you from concept to post-event follow-up. Our bundled service packages will help you make 100% certain your webinars will never suck again. 

Register today and get in on the secrets to webinars that stand above a competitive crowd. https://bit.ly/NoMoreSuckyWebinars/ When you register, you'll automatically receive a link to access the recording and watch when it fits in your schedule. Join us! 


Topics: Presentation Planning, webinars

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