EventBuilder Boasts the Only Women-Owned, Women-Led Virtual Event Tech Company

Vancouver, WA: EventBuilder, a Microsoft Teams webinar software and service solutions provider, celebrates their sixth anniversary as a women-run business and its first year as a certified women-owned company

With only 15% of tech companies having a female CEO, EventBuilder’s all female C-suite makes them one of the few woman-owned tech companies and the only women-led virtual events technology software and services provider.  

In 2016, EventBuilder’s women-led leadership team—CEO Lauren Meyer, COO Renee Conlee, and CTO Robin Houser—rescued a then-floundering business and implemented a “people-first” focus, adding employee-centered policies and positioning the company to provide best-in-class solutions for virtual events.   

“We believe that a commitment to intentional relationships creates alignment and success,” says Lauren Meyer, CEO at EventBuilder. “When purchasing the company, we shifted focus from profits to people because we truly care about our employees and our clients.”

With more than 10,000 online searches for women-owned businesses last month, organizations with women leaders are gaining ground. Yet, only 4 in 10 companies are owned by women, with 50% of those owned by women of color. The tech industry has lagged behind these trends despite the overwhelming evidence that women-run private tech companies achieve 35% higher ROI than their male-run counterparts.

Since 2016, EventBuilder’s all-female leadership has implemented initiatives and reached several milestones, including:

Learn more about EventBuilder’s plans for the future and join thousands of female entrepreneurs and executives at this year’s WBENC Conference, June 7-9 in Atlanta.  

About EventBuilder: EventBuilder is a webinar software and services company providing customized solutions for extending Microsoft Teams’ virtual events functionality. It is a women-owned, women-run company with an all-female C-Suite that embodies its mission statement: Empower individuals to use compassion and integrity to improve themselves and their work, benefit customers, and allow the company to thrive.