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Women in Event Tech Part 2: Looking Ahead

August 13 2020 / by Karen Mares

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In Part 1 of our 2-part Women in Event Tech series, we looked to the past and the evolution of events, event tech, their convergence, and how women-led initiatives and innovations have moved the industry forward. We also looked at how EventBuilder has been a player in the virtual events space since the beginning. Join us for Part 2 as we stop to take a look around at the now, then we'll look to the future of the virtual events tech industry and how the women who lead EventBuilder are shaping its direction.

Women in Tech: Some Stats

While, traditionally, women in business and tech fields are underrepresented, it's not all bad news. We’re seeing some promising trends:

  • Women's earnings have begun outpacing men's when it comes to high-skill jobs.
  • 40% of US businesses are owned by women, and 64% of new women-owned businesses are being started by women of color.
  • There's been a 24% increase in representation of women in the C-suite over the past five years.
  • 43% of Americans believe women create a safer, more respectful workplace. 
  • (Source)

Women in Tech: EventBuilder

In 2016, Lauren Meyer, Renee Conlee, and Robin Houser took the reins and the lead in strengthening our event management services and, later, our software product. Because event management services have always been at the core of what we do, and our software product was created to give Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams functionality for webinars and virtual events, EventBuilder was ideally positioned to evolve with the widespread adoption of Microsoft's business collaboration software. In 2018, we launched an updated version of our cloud-based application that fills the data-gathering and event-production needs of our software subscribers, giving Microsoft Teams users the perfect combination of webinar functionality with our software and support with our services.

Under their leadership, we continued approaching the growth of our company and industry with a keen eye on what makes EventBuilder unique. For example: 

  • In addition to our all-women leadership team, EventBuilder has women employed in every level of business: management, product development, creative, customer support, and event management services.
  • We have always been an all-remote workplace. 
  • By offering remote positions with flexible schedules, we tap into a highly skilled labor pool that is often under-utilized: parents. 
  • All EventBuilder employees receive paid time off for home school while children are learning from home in an effort to help our valued staff maintain a healthy work/home balance.

2020 Started Out OK

Heading into 2020, event professionals’ stated concerns for the coming year included event security; global uncertainty as it related to sustainability, travel, and trade considerations; and connecting with attendees both pre- and post-event. Then, in March, we all know what happened next.

Events in the Time of COVID-19

The events industry turned to online/virtual events in the wake of the pandemic en masse, shaking up the priorities of event planning and management. Major players like Microsoft and Salesforce canceled in-person events or adjusted the format and moved them online. With this major pivot, security, attendee engagement, data gathering, bandwidth capacity, and technical issues became primary concerns industry-wide.

When virtual event tech stepped into the spotlight during stay-at-home orders, companies sought event technology software and services to help them transition. EventBuilder was prepared with already-in-place security, data gathering, engagement tools, performance stability, staffing for event management and technical support, and strong leadership to guide the company and our customers through uncharted territory. Early on, when states began closing, we developed a program offering free daily training for anyone interested in remote-work best practices and collaboration tool usage. During this busy time, EventBuilder also implemented new initiatives to drive us forward.

Where We're Going

  • ISO Certification - Data security starts with us. In a survey conducted in late 2019, event technology professionals stated event security as their number-one concern heading into 2020. EventBuilder was recently awarded ISO Certification, ensuring we have established protocols for handling sensitive company and customer information.
  • WCAG 2.1 AA Accessibility Certification - Insights and input from people with disabilities make us all stronger. Our software recently passed WCAG Level 3, AAA Accessibility Certification.
  • Expanded Support Hours - As we've grown, so has our ability to support international customers. We have event managers available to support all international time zones, as well as expanded Customer Care hours and days. That event in Paris starting at 2:00 am Pacific? Fully supported.
  • Safety and Sustainability - Our employees are safe in their homes amid COVID-19 uncertainty, while helping us reduce our carbon footprint.

Meeting Future Needs...

Post-pandemic, event professionals are looking toward a hybrid model for conferences, webinars, and summits, incorporating both virtual and in-person components. According to Forbes, this model has huge potential to expand attendee reach, create new monetization opportunities, and give attendees the choice of how they want to consume event content. 

By offering event management services, multiple presentation options (webinar, streaming, on-demand, simulated-live and in-person event modes), EventBuilder is ready to meet customer needs in the coming months and years.

...For the Future

Most of all. we're standing tall and leading the way as a women-led company embracing the future of virtual events, technology, and customer service while staying true to our core values and setting an example.

We know who's watching:

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Read Part 1.


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