Managing Guest Accounts

Last updated: May 2, 2023

Organizers and/or Administrators create Guest Accounts to provide live Event access for Presenters and Moderators who do not have a paid portal User Account. 

Guest Accounts Overview

Organizers and Admins can create and manage Guest Accounts at the time of the Event build on the Schedule step when assigning Moderator or Presenter roles. 

Additionally, Administrators can create and manage Guest Accounts at the Portal level via the 'Accounts' option located on the the left-side navigation. 

Administrator/Organizer Permissions for Guest Accounts

Permissions Administrator Organizer
Add/Edit/Remove Guest Accts: Event-level Green Check icon Green check icon
Add/Edit/Disable Guest Accts: Portal-level Green check icon orange ban icon

Organizers can add, edit, and remove Guest Accounts at the Event level only. Administrators can add, edit, or disable Guest Accounts at the Portal level, as well as all available actions on the Event level.

The Schedule Step: Adding Presenters, Moderators and Organizers

Guest Account Management

Editing Guest Accounts on an Event

To edit a Guest Account holder's information on an Event, navigate to the Schedule step and locate the Presenter/Moderator/Organizer section at the bottom.

Click on the pencil icon to edit:

Screenshot: Presenters/Moderators/Organizers section on the Schedule step, h the pencil (edit) icon highlighted.

The Event User dialog will open:

Screenshot: Add Event User dialog open for edits/changes.

Make any necessary changes and click 'Save.'

Note: Changes made to Guest Account information on the Event build's Schedule step apply to that specific Event only.

Removing Guest Accounts on an Event

To remove a Guest Account holder from an Event, click on the trash icon:

Screenshot: Presenters/Moderators/Organizers dialog with the 'trash' icon highlighted.

Editing Guest Accounts at the Portal-Level (Admins Only)

To edit a Guest Account's information Portal-wide, Administrators will navigate to the Accounts option on the left-side navigation:

Screenshot: Left-side navigation with 'Accounts' option highlighted.

Click on the magnifying glass icon to the right of the Search field:

Screenshot: Accounts main page with the magnifying glass icon highlighted.

The Filter Accounts dialog will appear:

Screenshot: Filter Accounts dialog with the 'Roles' dropdown menu highlighted and the 'Guests' option circled.

Add the Guest Account name or email in the corresponding fields. Next, click on the 'Role(s)' dropdown menu and select 'Guests.' Click Search. Results will display as follows:

Screenshot: Search results screen with the Guest User Account result highlighted.

From the search results display, click on the Guest Account name. The Guest's account record will appear:
Screenshot: Guest User Account information.

Make any necessary edits, then click 'Save.'  

Note: Any changes made at the Portal level apply to future Event builds only. Existing Events retain the Guest Account's previous information. 

Disabling Guest Accounts at the Portal Level 

To disable a Guest Account, navigate to the lower portion of the Guest's account window:

Screenshot: Guest Account record with the 'Enabled' checkbox highlighted.

Locate the 'Enabled' checkbox and deselect. The Guest Account will no longer be available to assign to Events. The account can be re-enabled at any time.

Guest Account Portal Permissions

Guest Account holders have limited access to your Portal. Individuals assigned Guest Accounts permissions include:

Video Training: Guest Account Management