Streaming Console: Attendee Experience

Last updated: May 11, 2023

EventBuilder's browser-based console streams presentations and video to live Attendees, providing them with a convenient, no-download experience for viewing presentations and videos. The Attendee Console includes features such as polls, messages, and file downloads. 

Attendee Console Launch

Attendees are provided a link to the Event in their Confirmation e-mail that launches the streaming Attendee Console in their chosen default browser. Attendees can join the EventBuilder Stream up to 30 minutes before the scheduled live start time. Upon launch, they will see the opening hold image and hear pre-event hold music if selected. Moderators set the default panel view for Attendees in the Moderator Console.

Note: For Microsoft Edge users on mobile devices, we recommend turning off the vertical tabs functionality.

Screenshot: Attendee Streaming Console view. Vector graphic of a man in a wheelchair with a dog, a woman holding a tablet, a Black woman standing at a desk, and a man sitting at a desk. "Welcome! The event stream will begin soon."

Attendee Engagement Tools

Attendee engagement tools are located at the bottom left of the Attendee Console. 

Screenshot: Attendee engagement tools - info, messages, files, polls, hand raise.

Information Panel

Screenshot: Attendee Console navigation tools, Info option highlighted.

The Information Panel displays the following:

Screenshot: Information panel, including basic event details, customizable center section, and attendee troubleshooting tools.

Basic Event Information - Title, Presenter(s), Scheduled Duration, Scheduled Start Time.
Custom Info Panel Content - Custom content. Configured on the Engage Step in the Event build.
Attendee Troubleshooting Tools - Connection troubleshooting tools for Attendees, including a refresh browser option and a Help button that launches the System Test page.

Messages Panel

Screenshot: Messages Panel.

Attendees can read Announcements, ask questions, react with thumbs up/thumbs down icons (Attendee sentiment, if enabled), and view Presenter responses on the Messages panel:

Screenshot: Messages panel, with Announcements, Attendee question, and Presenter response displayed.

Messages are color-coded: Green messages indicate Announcements, Blue messages indicate Attendee questions/feedback, and Orange messages indicate a Presenter/Moderator answer. 

Direct Messages

Moderators can send direct messages to an individual Attendee via the Console. They will receive a notification in their streaming console:

Screenshot: Moderator message. Image Text: This is the Moderator message to an Attendee test.

To reply, the Attendee will close the notification and navigate to the Messages panel

Files Panel

Screenshot: Attendee console navigation controls with the Files option highlighted.

If documents or other files have been made available to Attendees for download, they will appear as hyperlinks on the Files Panel. 

Screenshot: Files panel on the Attendee Console, files hyperlink highlighted.

Polling Panel

Screenshot: Attendee Console controls with the Polls option highlighted.

When Moderators or Presenters publish polls from their Moderator Console, the Attendee's screen will automatically change to the Polling view.

Screenshot: Attendee Polling view, with an unanswered polling question.Moderators can choose to share answers to polling questions with Attendees: 

Screenshot: Attendee's view of poll results.

Raise Hand Feature 

Screenshot: Attendee Console controls with the "Raise Hand" feature highlighted.

With the Raise Hand feature, Attendees can respond to informal Presenter and/or Moderator questions. The Raised Hand icon will appear in the Attendance widget in the Moderator Console:

Screenshot: Moderator Console view of event Attendees.

Post-Event Survey

Screenshot: Post-event survey view with closing hold image. Vector image of woman sitting at at desk. "The event stream has ended. Thank you for joining."

If a post-event survey has been enabled, the survey will appear in the left panel after the stream has ended. Surveys can also be sent via EventBuilder's system-generated emails, configured on the Communication Step in the Event build. The email includes a link to the survey questions:

Screenshot: Post-Event email with survey button and survey page highlighted.With the Post-Event Survey link sent to Attendees via email, Organizers can provide Attendees another opportunity to complete the survey after the Event's completion for feedback and reporting purposes.