Tags Overview

Last updated: May 10, 2023

Tags create a systematic way for Organizers to filter and group Events together to streamline the multiple-event registration process for Invitees. Tags also combine similar Events on a Listing Page, enabling Organizers to promote them with a single URL and filter Event information.

EventBuilder Tags Quick Facts:

  • Tags are Portal-wide and available for use by all Admins and Organizers.
      • Administrators can set permissions for Organizers to create Tags, or set Tag creation to be performed at the Admin level only. Learn more: Portal Permissions
    • EventBuilder recommends creating a strategic and standardized naming convention for Tags.
    • Event Tags are different than social media hashtags – no # symbol is necessary but may be used if desired. 
    • EventBuilder software will recognize the following non-alphanumeric characters: # (hashtag or pound sign) and _ (underscore). Tags cannot have spaces and are not case sensitive. 
    • When selecting a Tag to filter Events, a number will appear beside the Tag – e.g., CloudSeries (12). This indicates the number of Events with the CloudSeries Tag across all Users on the Portal. 
    • Event Tags are not indexed by search engines.


Tags Navigation

Users can navigate to the Tags view from their Dashboard: 

Screenshot: Account dashboard with Tags option highlighted.

And when creating Listing Pages:

Screenshot: Tags selection drop down menu found on the Listing Page Set Up dialog.

or from the Extras step when building an Event:

Screenshot of the Extras step on event creation, where Organziers can add Tags.

Creating Tags

Navigate to the Tags view from the left side Dashboard navigation:

Screenshot: Left side Dashboard navigation with the Tags option highlighted.

The Tags dialog will open. The 'Create New Tag' button and list of available Tags is displayed:

Screenshot: Tags main dialog with blue 'Create New Tag' button highlighted, also showing icons for managing existing Tags (book & trash icons).

To view all events associated with a specific Tag, click on the book icon. The following will appear:

Screenshot: Tag Information popup displaying Tag name, Creator, Date Created, and list of events using this Tag (Name of Event, Event Start, Event ID).To delete a Tag, click on the trash icon. The following confirmation dialog will appear: 

Screenshot: Delete Tag confirmation dialog. Image text: 'There are 1 events with this tag. You can see the events by clicking on the Book icon. Are you sure you want to delete this tag?'

Image Text: There are 1 events with this tag. You can see the events by clicking on the Book icon. Are you sure you want to delete this tag? Ok/Cancel.

Tags and Listing Pages

Use Tags to filter the Events you want to appear on a Listing Page. Listing Pages allow invitees to register for an event series centered around similar or connected topics, and for Organizers to narrow event search results for event reporting.

Note: If no Tag is selected when creating a Listing Page, all Events on your Portal will be added to the page you are creating. Learn more: Listing and Custom Pages

Using Tags to Filter Event Information

Navigate to Events from the left side Dashboard navigation. Screenshot: Main left side navigation with the 'Event' option highlighted.

Click on the magnifying glass to open the advanced Search dialog. 

Screenshot: Events search field with the Advanced Search magnifying glass highlighted.

On the Search Criteria dialog, click on the 'Tags' dropdown menu and select the Tag you wish to filter for. Click 'Search.' Events associated with the selected Tag will display.


Screenshot: Search Criteria dialog with 'Tags' dropdown menu highlighted.

Using Tags to Filter Events for Portal-Level Reports

(Portal-level Reports are available to Suite subscribers only)

Navigate to Reports from the left side Dashboard navigation.

Screenshot: Left side navigation with Reports option highlighted.

Next, click the blue 'Request Report' button. A dialog will appear. Select the type of Report you would like to pull, and click 'Send/Save.'

Screenshot: Request Report dialog with Report Type dropdown displayed and highlighted; Send/Save button is highlighted as well.

The Request Report dialog will appear. Click on the filter icon:

Screenshot: Request Report - Portal Level dialog with 'Filter' icon highlighted.

The Search Criteria dialog will open. Select the Tag from the Tag(s) dropdown menu, then click 'Save Filter.'