Tags Overview

Last updated: September 14, 2021

Tags create a systematic way for Organizers to filter and group Events together to streamline the multiple-event registration process for Invitees, combine similar Events on a Listing or Search page and promote them with a single URL, and create filters for accurate reports.

Tag Basics

Tagged events populate Listing and Search Pages, allowing invitees to register for an event series centered around similar or connected topics, and for Organizers to narrow event search results for event reporting.

EventBuilder recommends utilizing Tags to narrow search results for your events by topic or type. 

EventBuilder Tags Quick Facts:

  • Tags are Portal-wide.
    • Administrators can decide whether to allow Organizers to create Tags or enforce the Tag naming protocol at the Administrator level.
  • Event Tags are different than social media hashtags – no # symbol is necessary but may be used if desired.
  • EventBuilder software will recognize the following non-alphanumeric characters: # (hashtag or pound sign) and _ (underscore). Tags cannot have spaces and are not case sensitive.
  • When selecting a Tag to filter Events, a number will appear beside the Tag – e.g., CloudSeries (12). This indicates the number of Events with the CloudSeries Tag across all users on the Portal.
  • EventBuilder recommends creating a strategic and standardized naming convention for Tags..
  • Event Tags are not search engine optimized.

Tags Navigation

Users can navigate to the Tags view from their Dashboard: 

Screenshot: Main navigation, Tags option highlighted.And when creating Listing Pages:

or from the Extras step when building an Event:

Screenshot of the Extras step on event creation, where Organziers can add Tags.

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