The Insider's Guide to Virtual Event Audience Engagement

Increase Audience Engagement and Virtual Event ROI

Virtual events are now the backbone of the event marketing space. It is now easy enough to organize and host a webinar or online conference, but what do you need to do to really understand the impact and ROI of your virtual events? What can you do to make them even better?

Getting more out of your virtual events begins with asking the right questions. With virtual events becoming the de facto way to connect with prospects, generate leads, and drive sales, the information you are able to collect about your audience is more important than ever. 

A thoughtful approach to the questions you ask before, during, and after your virtual event will help you learn more about your audience, increase engagement, generate more leads, and make every event you pull off even better than the last.

Download the EventBuilder whitepaper: The Insider's Guide to Virtual Event Audience Engagement for a comprehensive guide to the questions your virtual and hybrid events need to shine.

In this whitepaper, we offer guidance on:

  • Why surveys and polls will improve your virtual events
  • Survey design and methodology
  • Designing surveys that attendees will answer
  • Using your virtual events to generate leads
  • Sample event survey questions, event poll questions and tips for Q&A and panel discussions to boost attendee engagement and don't suck the energy out of the room 
  • How to use feedback to improve future events

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