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Event Industry Trends That Weren't Terrible in 2021

There was this brief, beautiful, shiny moment in June of 2021 that felt like things could be heading into what …

5 Ideas For Standout Hybrid Events

Planning hybrid events or conferences? How do you bridge the divide between the in-person and virtual attendees? According to marketing …

Simulated-Live Mode: Great Content, Less Work

Presenting the same content over and over again is literally and virtually exhausting. But, what can you do? Virtual and …

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The Ultimate Hybrid Conference Checklist

Planning an event for virtual and in-person audiences can be intimidating. We’re here to help you get a handle on everything you need to knock your hybrid event out of the park!

The Ultimate Virtual Events Checklist

Planning successful, innovative virtual events can be a steep learning curve. This guide takes the guesswork out of it, so you can rock your next event!

Infographic: When to Outsource Virtual Events

Should you hire an events manager or outsource event services? This infographic explains how outsourcing event services can save you time and money.

Trend Report: Remote Ready Virtual Events

Virtual events took center stage in 2020. What’s changed in the industry in the past year and what can we expect in 2021?

Polling, Survey, Q&A, and Panel Questions for Virtual Events

Are you making the most of your virtual events by asking the right questions to your audience and speakers? 


Virtual Conference Planning 101: How to Plan your Events in 2021

If you’re shifting to digital and planning to produce a virtual conference this year, check out this webinar for tips and tricks as well as how to get started. 

How to Create a Webinar that Doesn't Suck

Want more than 5 people to show up like last time? Well, we've got the answers to your questions! In this webinar we'll dive into how to use video as well as actionable tactics and techniques, so your next webinar goes from bland to brilliant.

EventBuilder Ask Me Anything Sessions

Attend one of our live, Ask Me Anything sessions below. These are not formal presentations but rather an open forum hosted by a member of EventBuilder's Development or Software Success team.  

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