Setting Up Paid Events

Last updated: September 30, 2021

While EventBuilder doesn't presently have an integrated e-commerce feature, Organizers can still monetize their Events by enlisting a separate, third-party payment processor to collect funds. Then, utilizing EventBuilder's Registration and Security tools, Organizers will complete the process for hosting a revenue-generating Event.


Registrants pay for the Event on the chosen payment vendor site. 30 minutes prior to the start of the Event, Organizers send the join link out to paid Registrants via their own email system. Choosing Allowlist as the Event Security option and granting Attendee access 30 mins ahead of the start time limits the possibility of the Event URL being shared with unpaid participants.

Once Attendees receive the Event URL and select the link, they are directed to the Event's Registration page. There they are required to enter their name and email address, which will be automatically checked against the Event's Allowlist. The Attendee will then be delivered to the Event. 

Note: In order to access the Event, the Attendee must use the email address used to submit and confirm payment.

Organizers can troubleshoot any issues individual Attendees may experience by navigating to the Registrant Management area on the Event. 

Event Settings

Build the Event using the EventBuilder interface, including Teams URL, branding, Registration Questions, and other details. To align paid registrations with the Event build, we recommend the following settings:

Security Settings

On the Security Step, choose "Allowlist OR Denylist registrants using a list." In the options that appear below after selection, choose "Allowlist." You may upload a .csv file of your paid/approved registrants, or add each manually. Security add-ons are available if preferred, such as Registration Close Date.

Screenshot: Security settings with 'Allowlist OR Denylist registrants using a list" highlighted, and Security Add-ons shown.

Learn more about Security Add-on features.

Payment Vendor

To add a payment option to your Event, secure a third-party processor to accept registration payments, such as Square. The payment vendor will operate independent of the Event build. Once you receive notice of a registration payment, add the paid Registrant to your Allowlist on the Security Step.


Decide when to stop accepting payments on the third party site to allow time for Allowlist input of all paid registrants. State clearly on the third-party site when event registration closes. 

The Allowlist operates off of unique email addresses for each Attendee - data entry accuracy and review will maximize the Event experience and help eliminate Attendee access issues at Event time. 

Utilizing EventBuilder's system-generated Registration Confirmation and Event Reminder emails is not recommended. Organizers can send the Event's Registration URL to all paid Attendees via their own email system.