Want to use Skype Meeting Broadcast for Mac?

Below you'll find the specifics FAQs about Skype Meeting Broadcast for Mac as presenters, organizers, and attendees.


EventBuilder is an alternative to Skype Meeting Broadcast for Mac.

Add registration, screensharing, and more…from your Mac!

Skype Meeting Broadcast for Mac users can’t do a few critical things. Use EventBuilder Suite and do everything you’d do with Skype Meeting Broadcast on a PC (and more).

With EventBuilder Suite you can present to 1000s from your Mac and have features unavailable to Skype for Business for Mac users.

Ready to consider EventBuilder as an alternative?
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FAQs about Skype Meeting Broadcast for Mac

Does Skype Meeting Broadcast work on a Mac?

Mac users of Skype Meeting Broadcast can perform three functions:

  • Schedule a new Skype Meeting Broadcast
  • Present using Skype for Business for Mac (with limitations, see below).
  • Attend a Skype Meeting Broadcast from a Mac.


If I want to present a Skype Meeting Broadcast using my Mac, what can I not do?

Mac users cannot access or upload to “Presentation Resources.” They also may not screenshare (see “Important” paragraph below).

In Skype for Business (what you present from when using Skype Meeting Broadcast) you normally upload your PowerPoint, create polls, and other functions in Presentation Resources. Mac users do not see Presentation Resources, so someone on a PC (a fellow “Event Team Member”) must pre-load the presentation and then let the Mac presenter advance slides.

Important: Because using Skype Meeting Broadcast means that presenters and event team members present from Skype for Business, a Mac user sees a button to start screen sharing, but attendees do not see what is being shared. In other words, it appears to the Mac presenter that they are sharing their screen, but attendees simply see a message that says something like, “Waiting for the presentation to begin.”


What can a Mac user do or not do as an Event Team Member?

In Skype Meeting Broadcast, Event Team Members have access to the “behind the scenes” controls. There are two critical things that a Mac user cannot do: Mac users cannot

  • start a Skype Meeting Broadcast.
  • access “Presentation Resources.”

While a Mac user may schedule a Skype Meeting Broadcast, they cannot start the broadcast. This means that there must be also be an Event Team Member who is using and logged in from a PC. Yes, this means that you cannot operate Skype Meeting Broadcast completely and solely from a Mac.

Mac users also cannot access “Presentation Resources.” See the previous question “If I want to present a Skype Meeting Broadcast using my Mac, what can I not do?”


Can a Mac user be a guest presenter on a Skype Meeting Broadcast?

Mac users can be guest presenters only if they have the appropriate Office 365/Microsoft 365 license. Said another way, if a Mac user does not have an established Microsoft identity, they cannot be a guest presenter.


As a Mac user, what are my alternatives with regard to Skype Meeting Broadcast?

You have two options. One, install a virtual machine on your Mac that runs Windows and present from that virtual PC. Two, use EventBuilder Suite (we’re glad you asked!).


FAQs about using EventBuilder for Mac

Can I screen share using my Mac when using EventBuilder Suite?

Yes. You log into and present from Skype for Business, using all the features there that you are used to. EventBuilder Suite handles the rest.


What features does EventBuilder Suite provide when streaming to large audiences?

No audience downloads, desktop/screen sharing, polls, questions, and interactions, the ability “see” your attendees in real-time, reporting, and more. Presenters present from Skype for Business. For a complete overview of EventBuilder Suite, including other usage “Modes” besides streaming, visit our product page.


I see that you have a free subscription available– will that let me try using my Mac?

No. Instead of a limited-duration trial subscription, we opted for a limited-features subscription you can use in perpetuity. EventBuilder Suite is the package that supports Skype Meeting Broadcast – learn more at our product page or schedule a demo.