New! ASL Interpreter Services

We're thrilled to announce a new accessibility option for your virtual events and webinars: ASL (American Sign Language) Interpreter Services.

As part of our on-going commitment to give you the best possible experience for everyone and foster a culture of inclusion and care, we're excited to offer a new, ADA-compliant accessibility tool for your virtual events and webinars to meet the needs of your event attendees: ASL Interpreter Services!

What the ADA Has to Say

The Americans With Disabilities Act, or ADA, has specific guidelines for "covered entities," External Link: Effective Communication section of the ADA. defined as Title II (state and local governments,) and Title III (businesses and non-profit organizations that serve the public), to "communicate effectively with people who have communication disabilities. The goal is to ensure that communication with people with these disabilities is equally effective as communication with people without disabilities." (ADA Standards for Accessible Design, 2010.)

ASL vs Closed Captioning

Why add ASL translation? For deaf and hard of hearing individuals, sign language can be a more natural - and less exhausting - way of communicating, as it's often their native language with its own vocabulary and grammar. While captions are certainly beneficial, they're also a heavier cognitive load and are therefore more tiring, as written English is commonly considered a second language for ASL speakers. 

Additionally, an on-screen ASL interpreter can convey information that can't be expressed through captions, such as facial expression, body language, and emotions. Additionally, automated captions, while improving, aren't 100% accurate, leaving a deaf and/or hard of hearing person with incorrect information. Hosting an event that includes ASL interpretation creates the opportunity for deaf and hard of hearing people to be fully present and more engaged in your content. Increasing attendee engagement? Yes, please.

Adding ASL Interpreters to Your Events

You've likely seen media, such as an important press conference or newscast, with an on-screen sign language interpreter. An ASL interpreter adds a crucial communication element for deaf and hard of hearing individuals by relaying the vital information they need. The same principle applies for virtual events: on-screen American Sign Language interpreters add an essential communication tool, offering ASL speakers the opportunity to access and fully participate in virtual events and webinars.

By adding ASL translation to your virtual events and webinars, not only are you staying ADA-compliant, but you're opening the door for a more inclusive experience for everyone. You also tap into a motivated, engaged, and frequently under-represented community who, in turn, generate good buzz about you and your inclusive event. Win-win. 

Let's Talk ASL Interpreter Benefits

It's hard to underestimate the impact adding live ASL translation can have on your virtual events. This relatively simple accessibility addition can:

  • Expand your event's reach and impact
  • Communicate to your audience that you care about their needs and preferences
  • Demonstrate that you respect and value the contributions of ASL attendees
  • Foster inclusion and a sense of community
  • Increase engagement
  • Create a more dynamic and interactive experience
  • Boost learning outcomes
  • Grow your audience and reputation (that much-desired good buzz!)
  • Increase conversions and generate revenue

EventBuilder's ASL Services

We've partnered with a reputable ASL communication solutions agency with a network of certified and experienced interpreters to provide high quality and accurate sign language for any remote event. There are two options for adding ASL interpreting services to your events: Live and Recorded.

  • Live – Your assigned ASL interpreter joins the Teams meeting and provides on-screen, live sign language translation for your deaf or hard of hearing participants.
Screenshot: ASL Interpreter for Live Events streaming console view.
  • Recorded - Using your recorded content, an ASL interpreter records their translation and the two video streams are stitched together, displayed next to your content. This option makes it easy to add ASL translation to existing archived events and upcoming simulated live events.
EventBuilder Simulated Live and Archive Events ASL Interpreter Demo

The ASL interpreter service is available for any remote event, regardless of duration, audience size, or format. As often as possible, your assigned interpreter will have experience with your industry/topic. If you'd like to learn more, visit our Knowledge Base articles: ASL Interpreter Services, ASL Interpreter Services FAQ.

Accessibility, Inclusion, and EventBuilder

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