Simulated-Live Webinars: Max ROI, Less Money, and Less Work

You need dynamic presenters and sought-after industry thought leaders for your webinars and virtual events to draw attendees and convert leads. You also need a budget-friendly solution that delivers awesome content, engages your audience, converts leads,New Window: Webinars as Lead Magnets blog post. and boosts your ROI. We have the answer you've been looking for: simulated live webinars!

What is a Simulated Live Webinar?

Simulated live webinars are a hybrid between a pre-recorded webinar and a live stream. Simulated live, or "simulive" as you may see it referred to, is when pre-recorded sessions/speakers are streamed to an audience, and a subject matter expert is on hand live to answer Q&A, conduct polls, gauge audience sentiment, and more. It offers the best of both worlds: polished, well-produced content delivery and a live, interactive experience for attendees, and your audience doesn't have to know that they're watching recorded content unless you want them to! 

What Challenges Can it Help Solve?

Ooh - great question. Here are just a few:

  • Low Attendance and Engagement - A live moderator gives audiences a more dynamic and interactive experience, boosting participation. Attendee participation data is a gold mine of useful information!
  • High Production Costs - Popular speakers are expensive. Recording their presentation once and utilizing the recording for multiple events stretches your budget and extends the life of your content. 
  • Speaker Inconsistency and Quality - Pre-recorded content will be the same every time, helping you maintain consistency with quality, tech, production, delivery, and staying on track with both topic and timing. This also controls for speaker burnout - their recording is giving you and your audiences their best each time. 
  • Flaky Presenter - Pre-recorded content can't cancel on you at the last minute!
  • Scale - Simulated live offers you scheduling flexibility, allowing for convenient access across time zones without incurring extra costs.

Other Bottom-Line Benefits Include:

  • Flexible Event Design - Easily create conference tracks and breakout sessions with fewer variables to manage. 
  • Divide and Conquer - Pre-recorded content leaves you time to focus on sponsors, exhibitors (if applicable) and event promotion. 
  • Build Your Webinar Empire - Enjoy simplified webinar program implementation with high quality content that can be replayed.
  • Stress Buster - Who needs stress? Be kind to yourself and take one of the more nerve wracking variables of event management off your plate: live content delivery.

With simulated live webinars, you get the same quality content delivered for each event, while being present and engaged with your audience. No more feeling like you've been run over by the PowerPoint truck every time you host a virtual event!

Let's Review - The ROI:

  • Simplified event production and management
  • Scalability and global reach without additional expenses
  • Increased attendance and engagement 
  • Improved engagement data for lead targeting
  • Operational cost savings = lowered cost per lead
  • Easy replay 
  • Speaker quality and consistency
  • On-going lead capture and engagement for replays

Simplified Webinar Setup With Simulated Live

EventBuilder's Simulated-Live Mode is included with our Suite subscription. With this mode, event organizers upload their pre-recorded content to stream via our one-click access, no-download, any browser secure Attendee Console to an audience, while interacting with attendees in real time using our streaming console's engagement tools such as chat, polling, attendee sentiment (thumbs up/thumbs down), and more. 

  1. Create your event in EventBuilder
  2. On the Schedule step, select "Simulated-Live Webinar"
  3. In the 'Recording' field that becomes available after selecting the Simulated-Live Webinar option, simply upload your content, then finish the event build as you need.


On event day, your event staffer conducts the event via the EventBuilder Moderator Console, where you broadcast your pre-recoded content and interact with attendees with live chat, polls and poll results, file uploads for event materials, attendee sentiment, and post-event surveys. All of EventBuilder's data reporting, attendee communication options, security, accessibility functionalities, and more are all included. 

EventBuilder Screenshot - Simulated Live Webinar selectionFree Yourself! 

Live streams and production coordination can sometimes eclipse other equally important event elements, like dynamic engagement and relationship building. With simulated-live webinars and virtual events, your speakers, scripts, technical production, and other content-related components are under control ahead of your event, helping you get the best ROI possible. 

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

Did you know that if you partner with us, we'll make your simulated live webinars even easier? With our experienced teams of event producers, EventBuilder will create your simulated live webinar to your requirements, including materials, Q&A and polls, and staffing. Contact us External Link: Contact Us to Book a Consultation. to learn more about our software product and event management services.

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