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Instantly Power-Up Your HR Programs Using Teams

February 17 2021 / by Karen Mares

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We know Microsoft Teams is a power player in the online collaboration program space, but do you know how to leverage all it has to offer your human resources initiatives? Teams has so much potential to help you plan, train, teach, and inform your company's employees, from recruiting to exit interviews. You already use Teams for communication and collaboration, so why not see what else you can do with it?

Microsoft announced the debut of its Employee Experience Platform, Viva, on February 4th, 2021, promising to integrate employee communications, wellbeing, training opportunities, and knowledge sharing. While that's a huge step in the right direction for companies managing a distributed workforce, Viva won't replace Teams; it integrates fully with Teams. There are still many company events and webinars you can produce with Teams. Adding EventBuilder's registration, communication, tracking, and reporting tools will help you hone your HR initiatives. 

Teams as a Recruiting Tool

Widen your reach and talent pool with Teams-hosted virtual events centered around recruiting.

Company Info Sessions - A great way to engage and connect with potential candidates ahead of a formal interview process is through company information sessions. Offer these sessions to help you communicate what you're hiring for, the "soft skills" you want to see in your employees, and an overview of what your company does. Add video with employ interviews to share insights into your company values, culture, and messaging. 

Virtual Career Fairs - Career fairs are essentially a two-way street; you have the opportunity to vet potential candidates, and they vet you as a company. After an introduction, create breakout rooms hosted by different department managers where they can answer questions and discuss required candidate qualifications for the positions available on their team.

College Recruiting Events - If your recruiters host job fairs for college students, host a virtual job far and utilize source tracking to gain insight into which colleges your best potential candidates are coming from. The data collected can help you with candidate follow-up and get smarter with your recruiting efforts.

Professional Development Webinars - Offer a free training/seminar in a company specialty area.

Panel Interviews - The Teams interface is a perfect place to conduct panel interviews. 

Teams for Internal Presentations & Training

Employee New Hire Orientation - They got the job! Host a Teams training for new hire orientation, with registration, polls, and the ability to share new hire paperwork files. 

Onboarding Sessions - Give your new hires the right welcome - a virtual onboarding event introduces employees to company leadership, as well as communicates values, culture, policies, and benefits. Schedule some time for introductions and ice breakers. 

Benefits Fair - Create multiple breakout rooms to answer employee questions about specific benefits to provide more information to those who are in need of advice.

Informational Presentations - Research shows only 40% of employees are fully aware of what benefits are available to them. Increase employee awareness by offering "Lunch 'n Learn" style in-house webinars. Bring in consultants to discuss retirement seminars, making the most out of an HSA/FSA, and how to access their EAP benefit.

All-Company Trainings - Host important company training sessions. Teams and EventBuilder can help you implement important trainings such as diversity and inclusion, anti-bias, and anti-harassment training. We know tracking compliance is necessary, so make it easy to accomplish with post-session surveys, follow-up communications, and reports.

Teams for Teams

Town Halls/All-Hands Meetings - Coordinate all-company meetings with Teams or Teams Live Events. (Don't forget to record it and make it available on-demand!)

Wellness Activities - Schedule time for employees to practice self-care with physical and mental health activities such as yoga, ergonomics how-to workshops, and an introduction to mindfulness meditation.

Team Building Events - Facilitate manager-led team building exercises with activities like Virtual Amazing Race, Trivia Challenge, or one of EventBuilder's favorites, Whose Drink Is It Anyway?

Leadership Access - Host "Fireside Chats" with your leadership team, AMA's, and even casual, virtual happy hours for employees to feel more connected with the leaders of your company.

Teams and Viva

The word is that Viva and Teams are fully integrated, so if you add Viva to your Microsoft 365 bundle, take advantage of this by sharing the recorded events you host. You can even shape some of your content and workshop offerings around the data collected in the Insights Workplace Analytics module for productivity and wellness activities, and offer on-demand workshops for employees to access on their own schedules. 

Working with You

Taking Microsoft Teams and adding EventBuilder's software, comprehensive event management services, and support offer you the expertise and resources you need to develop external and internal virtual events that rock. Contact us for a consultation today!


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