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by Roger Courville posted in Expert Interviews, Presentation Design, Presentation Planning, Storytelling

Dual interview: presentation skills, pitch decks, and webinars -- catching up with Greg Rosner, CEO of PitchKitchen

What happens when two presentation experts interview each other back to back?

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by Roger Courville posted in Business, Observation Deck, Diversions, Industry

Remember LiveMeeting? The memories and the legacy

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by Roger Courville posted in EventBuilder Gateway for Skype

Using EventBuilder’s closed captioning in your webinar to maximize inclusiveness

Closed captioning (CC) is the process of displaying text during your webinar or webcast to assist understanding and interpretation of what the presenter(s) is saying. It has been in use for decades in the world of television, but is not available for users of most webinar/webcast/online meeting technologies.

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