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How Badly Do You Need a Webcam?

by Karen Mares posted in webinars, tools and tips

How Badly Do You Need a Webcam?

Webinars and other virtual events are now the norm, and most of us have been either producing or participating in them exclusively for a year. But as they've become a part of our everyday lives and digital exhaustion has set in, many presenters and attendees are asking themselves, "How badly do I need a webcam for this?"

Troll-Proof Your Virtual Events with a Code of Conduct

by Karen Mares posted in tools and tips, virtual events

Troll-Proof Your Virtual Events with a Code of Conduct

Online events are more accessible to more people than ever before. We've previously talked about etiquette, potential blunders, and the importance of accessibility. One area we haven't touched on: civility. I'm sure we've all come across keyboard cowboys who pollute online interaction, discussions, and comment sections, but what happens when they show up to your virtual event? Do you have published rules/guidelines for expected behavior from your attendees? What should a virtual events code of conduct include?

Are Your Virtual Events Truly Accessible?

by Karen Mares posted in virtual events, accessibility

Are Your Virtual Events Truly Accessible?

People with disabilities spend half a trillion dollars annually. That's $500,000,000,000. The U.S. Office of Disability Employment has noted that people with disabilities are the "third largest market segment" in the United States. Collectively, they are a market that is often overlooked and underestimated, and absolutely should not be dismissed. 

When we provide tools for access, we invite people to bring a unique perspective, set of skills, and insights to the table, virtual or otherwise. Unfortunately, the lack of truly accessible and inclusive experiences is frequently a barrier to inclusion and full participation, in both physical and digital spaces. Keep this question in mind as you plan online events: Are your virtual events truly accessible? Let's close the gaps in your accessibility plan.

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