Webinars: The Ultimate Must-Have Lead Magnets

Here's a bold statement: webinars are the holy grail of lead generation. Yes, really! According to career site Zippia External link: 25 Webinar Statistics, Zippia., the average attendee conversion rate is 55%. That's solid ROI. Need evidence to make the case to your powers-that-be? We've got you covered!

Webinars Are Lead Magnets

You want customers. The question is: how do you get the right customers to want YOU? Potential customers are looking for a solution to their problem that you just happen to have. Want to reach them in a way that really lands? Host webinars! They help you:

  • Increase awareness of your product and brand
  • Build credibility and trust with your target customers
  • Give prospects a memorable experience that stands out over other marketing efforts
  • Deepen customer relationships
  • And most importantly - they lower your cost per lead

72% of businesses surveyed agree that webinars directly impact their pipeline and revenue due to their ability to generate qualified leads, Not only that, those leads are statistically more likely to become your customers. 62% of attendees ask for a demo/sales, 89% check additional website content, and done right, you'll have the event and attendee data to nurture those leads and convert. 

Let's Talk Conversion Rates

There's no shortage of ways to market your product or service, but lots of marketing initiatives end up costing you more and bringing you less. For example:
  • Cold calls - 2% conversion rate.
  • Cold emails - 1% conversion rate.

That's demoralizing, huh? Let's compare those sad conversion numbers to those from webinars:

  • Training webinars - 44% conversion rate.
  • Communication webinars - 67% conversion rate.
    • 83% of communication webinar attendees share content with colleagues.
  • Marketing webinars - 39% conversion rate.
  • Education webinars - 31% conversion rate
With numbers like that, why wouldn't you produce webinars?   

Even More Convincing Stats!

  • 73% of B2B webinar attendees become qualified leads.
  • 15% of those who attend a webinar will purchase the product or service.
  • 48% of buyers consider webinars to be the most valuable form of content for decision making.

Doing Webinars Well

The field is crowded, so you'll need to bring your A-game.

  • Choose Your Type Wisely - Aligning the type of webinar you produce with your product/service is an essential key to success. 
  • Make Registration Simple - A long sign-up process = lower registrations and attendance.
  • Communicate - Want your attendance to jump 20%? SEND REMINDER EMAILS.
  • Engage - Build interactivity such as Q&A and polls into your content - creating high-contact experiences for attendees gives you an opening to stand out. Attendees love getting their question answered in real time from an expert.
  • Expertise - Attendees are looking for the host and/or influencer to know their stuff. 
  • Rock Star Presenters/Hosts - Dynamic, engaged, passionate presenters and hosts win. 
  • Incorporate Video - With 49% of B2B buyers surveyed indicating that they engage with video content before making a purchase decision, front-loading it as part of your webinar content strategy is a smart move.
  • Easy on the Sales Pitch - Inauthentic, heavy-handed "buy this product!" hard sell vibes are a huge turnoff. Attendees will sniff you out and bail in a hurry.
  • Resources - Give attendees information they can take with them, such as presentation slides or handouts.
  • Record It & Make it On-Demand - Making your recorded webinar available for on-demand viewing means increasing your reach - 25% of registrants who missed a live webinar will watch the replay. Bonus: On-demand webinars are shareable.

Good Data = Increased Conversions

The most amazing webinar in the world may not mean a whole lot if you can't back that sentiment up with useful analytics. Set a plan to get the right data during the webinar's build phase.   

  • Registration questions - Craft a few conversion-goal relevant registration questions to gain insights that will help shape your event's content, as well as help you decide which of your registrants are primed to convert.
  • Source tracking - Market your webinar wisely - use readily-available campaign tracking tools to help determine which event marketing channels gave you the most bang for your buck.
  • Polls and Q&A - In addition to attendee engagement, polls and Q&A offer you a wealth of data about your attendees - from which attendees are most engaged, the types of questions they have about your content/product, and more - all serve to shape your sales positioning later.
  • Post-Event Surveys - These are vital - build around the registration and event data you gathered, and always ask if they would like to be contacted directly.
  • Other useful data - Registrant day/time of sign up, attendee connection time, messaging activity, recording view activity. 

Webinar Investment is a Win

Hopefully we've covered the info you need to take the leap and dive deeper into webinars as part of your lead generation playbook. The ability to hand your sales team well-qualified, toasty warm leads from your webinars is a win-win for everyone!

Your Webinar Wingman

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Sources: https://adamconnell.me/lead-generation-statistics/