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by Karen Mares posted in webinars, virtual events

What Is a Webinar? How Are They Evolving? (UPDATED FOR 2020)

What do you imagine when you hear the word “webinar?” It feels 2009-ish, right? Technically, it’s a blend of two words: web + seminar. Webinars have come a long way since their official debut as a means of delivering information to a specific audience via the internet. Where are we today, and what does the future hold as we expand our ideas of what virtual events can be? Let’s get a glimpse into what’s possible with webinars and online events.

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by EventBuilder Staff posted in Tools and Tips, webcast, webinar, webinars, Skype for Business, webinar poll

11 factoids about polling in Skype for Business

In the broader conferencing marketplace, most solutions designed for meetings and collaboration don’t have a typical multiple-choice polling function. After all, the average virtual meeting or conference call is about seven participants, and behaviorally you’d simply address a question verbally (even if you were voting on something). Microsoft’s Skype for Business breaks that mold.

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